Friday, June 18, 2010

Fan Keer immediately sent to the locker room,

Battle of Warriors and the Cardinals, Braves outfielder Fan Keer (Jeff Francoeur) in section 2, when the Council was Cardinals pitcher Weilemaier (Todd Wellemeyer) bar in the face, Fan Keer front of a black immediately fell to the ground, long after a person high up slowly, and spit out a blood, he looked at the blood on the ground, such as the interpretation of the burden of: "Well, nothing added, no teeth were broken off."

Fan Keer immediately sent to the locker room, after initial inspection team doctor, Fan Keer within the left lower lip was re-break skin, shed some blood, no broken teeth, jaw opening and closing correctly, in order to be prudent, doctor or Fan Keer sent to hospital, after X-rays to determine the only flesh wounds, Fan Keer This game live back to the game just ended, the Warriors a 3-2 victory the Cardinals.