Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Mysterious Smile Mona Lisa

18 said: Mona Lisa
Period: 1503 -1506 years
Creator: Leonardo da Vinci Italian
Specification: 77cm × 53cm
Material: Oil on board
Keep possession at the: possession of the Louvre in Paris
Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" has successfully shaped the rise of capitalism during a middle class city with the image of women. According to records, the Mona Lisa was originally a furrier's wife, Florence, at the age of 24 years old. Picture of the Mona Lisa presented a subtle smile, brow revealing inner joy. Artists with superb painting skills, the performance of the women smile crossed his face, especially the slightly at the mouth, the smile muscles stretch to make Mona Lisa smile serene calm but meaningful. This is the ancient Italian middle-class educated women, the good performance of the peculiar modesty, many art historians call "the mysterious smile."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Manet Edouard’s Biograpy:

Manet (Manet Edouard 1832-1883), famous French Impressionist painter. January 23, 1832 was born in Paris, a wealthy family. Manet painting since childhood like his father, the Ministry of Justice officials, men of noble, well-childhood education. Father wanted his dedication to public service, but he was obsessed with painting. 16 years old, he told parents that their ambition to become a painter, and his father let him apply for the Naval Academy, not to be admitted. Later, he sailed as a trainee in a sailor in a large number of portraits painted sketches and cartoons. After returning home, his parents agreed to a firm ambition finally forced him to learn painting. In 1850, he entered Seoul classical painter's studio learning library back but do not blindly follow the teacher's methods. He appointed Las expensive branch, Hals, Goya and Raphael and other masters of the works of the previous generation learned more nutrition. In 1856, Manet set up their own studio. Manet painting in Europe has an important contribution to the development, although he never participated in a joint exhibition impressionist painter, impressionist school of painting is still considered the founder, has long been regarded as the later impressionists masters.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

To leave the world of beauty and joy - Renoir

We carefully observe the picture, it consists of two parts, first part is sitting drink and chat with people, from the right corner of all things can be seen on the table filled with a sprinkling Wo! Drink, or chat, or they drink, concentrate on ease. Another part of the performance of the dance floor, all the people in the dance floor dancing, which for the screen to add a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, sitting at the table drinking sprinkle chat with people formed a "dynamic" one "quiet "This subtle contrast just right to produce a symmetrical and balanced, so as to achieve a high degree of harmony and unity. Especially the flow of the sun and erratic color, carrying cheerful melody filled the screen, which filled the screen Hua Liguang shadow dance of swirling melodies, all of this, artists have been vividly demonstrated. So, faced with such a strong and vivid picture, regardless of its color, composition, melody and the other, all the people there will be an immersive feel. You listen, ears heard the pleasant dance music, you listen, the fluttering sound of the music when there are people drink spilled cup of touch cover sound. You see, eyes full of spin on the dance floor in a beautiful figure, who embraced the dance floor, rotating, or even intimate kissing, they were wearing the most fashionable clothing, they are great fun in the sun and enjoy life.
Renoir's paintings in all, the performance of the most beautiful woman. His drawing skills to demonstrate women's skin smooth and elastic, as well as the body exudes youthful vigor. Information recorded in the history of the artist, the children almost in praise of women, when very few people can reach the same height as the Renoir. Renoir's late works, he is most interested in the female human body is still in his pen, full of naked women, Wen-ching and charming, and further demonstrates the truly rich and delicate body and skin color changes texture.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The World is Full of Pain and Terror - Bacon and the "Beef Surrounded by the People"

Screen, bloody cows were split in half, and hung behind the Pope in the devil's side, people immediately feel a sense of nervous about. Pope fuzzy face cut off generally seems to be a knife, it seems also to issue shrill, hysterical screams. Compared with the Pope, but added suspension showed a bit of beef but the beauty and vivid. Thus, such a strong surreal images to the audience into the abyss of terror, or even to make the audience forget the art of painting the basic properties of almost complete reproduction of a nightmarish scene, or the audience into a nightmare. Thus, a fear of rising from the bottom of my heart. In front of screaming popes, and the gloomy environment, people immediately felt a despair. This is the surreal side home Bacon's masterpiece, "is beef surrounded by people." In this work, the fear and distorted image of a decorative screen theme and focus. Innocent X. Bacon's use of the historical characters, and the Commission described the Pope's Las sinister your support, loneliness, anger clear thread that wild, bloody piece of beef with the formation of a relationship.
As an artist, Bacon always pay attention to develop their own artistic characteristics, he obtained in a variety of visual images in the reference and inspiration. Especially during World War II, Bacon destroyed all his early works, these works because he satisfied his commitment to the greatest efforts to develop their new art. Especially in 1944, he created the triptych "based on the body of Jesus on the Cross study," marks his personal style began to mature. To this end he had such a text description: "This is an irritable temper, and when I drink spilled in the middle of the night when the draw works, because I was throwing a lot to drink and become drunk. This is the only one I drunk spilled out of state but also the works of art and I think that I might get drunk throwing free and detached. "characters Bacon's works are often filled with a sense of terror and horror, there is always the audience's fear of war .