Monday, September 27, 2010

Throwing out the first two balls touch the body of Simon

First sent 7 game pitched 3 Sisi Qiu 7 strikeouts, gave up four hits and only lost 1 point, scored 13 wins this season Marcum said he was the first one the ball did not touch the body views, but the first 2 is clearly intentional. He also said: "I believe next year we will remember this.", But although Marcum said he "definitely" would consider reprisals, but he did not want to be suspended.

Marcum said: "I guess this is they (the Orioles) in the style here, I think we respect the game and players from other teams. We do not intentionally hit people, even if he hit 50 home runs a few. This is a part of baseball, I know you have the ball close to vote, but to find someone up bullpen, threw two balls toward him and then was ejected, it looks very deliberate. "

Throwing out the first two balls touch the body of Simon, with Bautista as from the Dominican Republic, after the game he said: "I did not mean to. I just want to cast an inside pitch, the result to hit him, but not intentionally . He is my friend, I have no reason to drop him. "

Suffer the Bautista hit, said: "For me, it is clear what they do, they do not care a pitcher was ejected."

End of the season after the retirement of the Blue Jays head coach Cito Gaston also believes that, Showalter Board put in 5 innings relief pitcher short the practice is questionable, this is Simon before this season for the first time in 7 game play. Gaston said: "I left the day in the big leagues a few days, but I will not forget it."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Although the AL Central the throne had fallen into the hands of the Minnesota Twins

Although the AL Central the throne had fallen into the hands of the Minnesota Twins, but the same district play against the Detroit Tigers, the Twins are not completely soft, strong investment and Wheland (Justin Verlander) in complete 9 Board, soared out of 11K, led the Tigers 10: 1 win over opponents.

Weiland starting 9 Bureau, only gave up four scattered hits, cast 11K, no Sisi Qiu, of which only 9 of Council on two errors by his teammates, with a hit, losing the only score, then losing a non- and grabbed the first 18 games this season wins.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yankees today (21) held in the old home owner George Steinbrenner unveil a monument monument ceremony extremely moving scene

Yankees today (21) held in the old home owner George Steinbrenner unveil a monument monument ceremony extremely moving scene, but the atmosphere also affect the Yankees game on the light, the two original 4 to 4 tie, Yang Curtis Granderson seems to be the blessing of the old single-game history of double-bang, including 6 under the Bureau of artillery shaking three points to help team to beat the light 8 to 6, continued to lead in the AL East.

Monument to unveil a monument George Steinbrenner star-studded ceremony, Torre (Joe Torre) and Mattingly (Don Mattingly) are also invited to attend, be in addition to cut-throat battle with the light outside the focus of another site. Torre said, "George to the team's attention is focused on winning, and with a very high standard to look at it, for me, George not only are the Yankees, he definitely belongs to Hall of Fame, in the past to become a Yankee I am very proud of militants. "

End of the moving ceremony, the tension of war followed, the Yankees before the 5 Board also 4 to 0 lead, did not expect light at the Council on 6 massive counter-offensive, forcing the Yankees rookie starter Nova (Ivan Nova) early exit, forcing competitors to use three pitchers in this semi-Board only addressed this last half light of 4 hits plus 3 walks and attack the middle of mixed double play to play but only the percentage of recovery into a 4 to 4 tie.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Alliance have the most prestige

National Alliance have the most prestige, the most prudent, "Sabathia" Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) starting sits, the Baltimore Orioles to just a plaything in the hands of the evil empire, the audience was not only the Yankees swept the 13 security, irrigation 11 points, the team is also not efficient for use on 9 hits and only 3 points, we end up with 3 to 11 defeat, the challenges for the first 3 degrees of 20 wins a season Sabathia finally get to cross the border.

2 season with 19 wins in the sand fat, end the season No. 3 degrees and 20 wins knocking at the gate when the dream come true. Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) from the Board in the first Orioles start Gerui Er (Jeremy Guthrie) knocked the hands of timely hits, revenue 2 points, 2 Board further Kitt (Derek Jeter) hit sacrifice fly 1 minute, made for the Yankees in the opening race on the initiative.

Although the Orioles in the next 2 Board 2 consecutive hits with a counter, Andino (Robert Andino) in the first 3 innings before also doubles for the Orioles with the capture may point circle, but even the two Councils have been the only sacrifice fly 1 point of attack. But when the Orioles in the Andino hit the solo shot in after 5 Board is numb, despite repeated attacks hit but always high, 9 hits and a waste of the audience the opportunity, can only be received by 3 scores.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Morgan fired a season out of season 118 hits in 120 games

That the last sentence to, Morgan said: "Even if can not play, I still complete the conduct of hitting, fielding practice, and then watch the game elsewhere." But he tells a total of $ 15,000 (about 48 million NT dollars) feel the pain of fines, penalties too much so he thought, too.

Morgan fired a season out of season 118 hits in 120 games, batting 2 into 58, along with four home runs and 76 RBIs H contribution. Because people today do not match, so Morgan's suspension will begin to run out vs. the Phillies, he is expected to go to September 26 with the Atlanta Braves series 2 games to rejoin battle.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The second game, Warrior wreck their nationals start Maya

The second game, Warrior wreck their nationals start Maya (Yunesky Maya), a single bureau played nine personal views, 2 walks in 1 1 contact body are pitching the ball foul, plus McClouth (Nate McLouth) of doubles, Diaz (Matt Diaz) triples, Ivan mentioned (Omar Infante) hits, scored four points in one fell swoop, so that people swallow a second six-game losing streak this season.

Philadelphia has not lost pressure, but fortunately today to face the Marlins apparently unfounded, Chillingworth (Jayson Werth), Ruiz (Carlos Ruiz), Atlee (Chase Utely), Dobbs (Greg Dobbs) turn to open runs, 3 hits, one personally coming down today, Lutz 4 RBIs, the audience happens to be the Marlins score, with combat support, starter Brandon (Joe Blanton) was easier to cast 8K 6 Board only lost 1 point, to take 7 wins next season.

Both teams win today, margin of victory remains a field, while the National League wild card, no game giant today, the Warriors are leading the giant 1.5 Field margin of victory.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Metropolitan Council's first breakthrough in 3 block opponents

Although Dickey and effective national campaign to suppress, but it is not without encountering a crisis, of which 6 Board, one person out after being captured bases loaded, Dickey is the biggest challenge, but the 35-year-old is not so shaken, it is calm and under the grasp Two outs, so that people would like to advance the aspirations of the score completely broken.

Survived, Things to Come, escape the bases loaded after the crisis Dickey Council on 7 until the fire support team-mate, pinch of Evans in the one out at second base was the circumstances, timely and win their right fielder, "car cloth edge" roller to second base hits to break the tie 2 to 2, the situation for another city to get ahead, and led the way to the whistle.

Metropolitan Council's first breakthrough in 3 block opponents, relying on Luis Hernandez and Carlos Beltran's base hit sacrifice fly to lay an all points, then won 2 to 0 lead, but the people not to be outdone, in the Board under 5 by the Wilson Ramos 2 points gun retaliate center field, so competition has returned to the starting point, but Zhezhi home run or the first rookie catcher Ramos H career.

National starting pitcher Livan Hernandez challenges of the season 10 wins fail, although they pay a 6 1 / 3, lost 3 quality performance, but his teammates did not give enough points to support, so the veteran can only work next time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

National win after the game the first 60 games this season

National win after the game the first 60 games this season, this is the year before last and last year's wins combined. This coach Rui Geman (Jim Riggleman), said: "This shows that the team grow, as a head coach, of course happy, but it does have many places to work."

Metropolitan Council so after the first 3 3 to 1 lead, but then all depends on the performance of national batters. National Xinma Man (Jordan Zimmerman) start out 3 exit 4 Council to replace the Olsen 4 Board not being knocked any hits, cast 3K2 walks and get 4 wins (8 lost). This is Olson rookie season since 2005, the first time starting from the bullpen. He said: "I prefer to start, as a relay good uncomfortable, but I respect the coaching staff scheduling."

The city sent Winfrey (Mike Pelfrey) only to be blown to vote 5 3.2 Security Council, including Danny Espinosa's solo shot, lost 6 points exit, swallow 9 defeat (13 wins).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Posada in the second inning the first fire

Yankee Stadium, the high temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, for repentance is seldom the sand is a little fat is no problem, "I enjoy pitching in this hot weather, and preserve their own status, and preserve his arm." Shabaxiya challenge of 20 wins, the next a will have to run into the Orioles at home this year, Orioles 4 wins 0 run into defeat.

Posada in the second inning the first fire, but Gelandesen at 6, 72 bureaux and smacked a home runs, 3 RBI personal rinse, both coincidentally have blasted in the game 17 season H, activist in the 4 Lien, except for home runs yesterday not to be bombers, the other three games have been belted three home runs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today, the Washington Nationals (1) the atmosphere was quite low

Today, the Washington Nationals (1) the atmosphere was quite low, except in the 10th inning playoff Tracy (Chad Tracy) fired a goodbye hits, 1 point loss to the Florida Marlins come to grief, the "small history" Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) also determine the dynamic ligament transplant surgery on Saturday, is expected to miss 12-18 months, when the rejoin next season is unknown, which currently bottom in the NL East nationals, the new season is undoubtedly a big test.

Because moving Tommy John (Tommy John) surgery, Xin Maman (Jordan Zimmerman) last season were to rehabilitation, starting today, he was beaten 6 Board only one hit, soared a career-high of 9k, very good performance, helpless teammates were Sanchis (Anibal Sanchez) suppression, did not provide any points to support. Sanchis Council voted 7 to be played only 3 security, and cast a 7k1 walks, no mistake, the last two people unrelated to the outcome.