Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tablet PC is really what you want?

Apple iPad tablet PCs set off waves driven

Apple in January 27, 2010, and finally to the crowd showed its first Tablet PC product-iPad. New one, its full of Apple-style so that all Fans admired. In fact, a better understanding of this market friends all know, many PC makers are successively issued its representative flat panel products to meet consumer demand for touch, mobile, and multimedia needs. Also, we are only from yesterday's release of Apple's iPad will be able to see that people like MID of this product is still placed great enthusiasm. But the calm after, let us think carefully about this: the current Tablet PC is what we really want?

Key words - show off

In the beginning of this year's CES show in Las Vegas, we have seen at least 30 models of tablet PCs from different vendors come out. These products, not only in appearance showed an absolute fashion, and the smooth touch screen, avant-garde touch the keyboard, people feel a kind of shines. Even though the vast majority of products on display are finds it difficult to extend to any interface, but still ready to make trouble for many consumers whom. In fact, it is not difficult to understand. Development of the market conditions we will be able to be seen on: At first, this is the advent of the Internet, so that the entire PC market, have entered into a "small" era. In order to be "portable network applications" as the main demands of the consumer attitudes are eroding at a rapid rate of each user's brain. It is precisely because of this, people are PC products from the pure performance considerations, and gradually extended to the right appearance, mode of operation, mobility, networks, etc. needs, which would make the current MID category, flat-panel products was able to become very popular on the market.

Key words - Performance

"As we Tegra processor architecture appeared in 2010 Tablet PC will be doomed to become the world. As applications like tablet PC's Apple iPhone (mobile Internet) and Rounds, so we see not only the consumers in this area Product thirst, but also prompted us confident that we can apply our Tegra processor architecture for consumers to bring a more comfortable experience. "Jen-Hsun Huang said. This is the Tablet PC may also gradually moving into the mainstream market, a great opportunity. In addition, because the current global economic crisis is easing, consumers are re-consider their own pocket money in the allocation. Therefore, new technology and new flat-panel products will quickly attracted to their eyeballs.

The current flat-panel computer is what we really want?

Although flat-panel products have an excellent design, ultra-portable size, a new mode of operation and to allow us to "likely" will look forward to the hardware technology, etc., but such products in the user experience with regard to the actual pressure remains no less favorable than the current Internet access this product. First, while we can believe the major manufacturers can be achieved by further market research, so that flat products on price comparison with the traditional Internet has obvious advantages in this, but because of hardware performance based on the current restrictions on the objective, it may be faced with the Internet access in this market, the same embarrassment. For example: the user's actual operational experience with the software, performance, lack of, etc., are impeding the development of this product an important factor. "In the CES, I saw about 30 models from different manufacturers new tablet PCs, but their main selling point of talk is only limited to: screen size, memory, hard drive, weight, operating systems and so on. But when I asked and people how to use it, everyone's reaction to a loss. "NextWindow's marketing manager, said Geoff Walker. The same voice from ASUS in the Internet came to this ancestor. Asus chairman Johnny Shih believes that premature for Tablet PC development is an unwise decision, unless the current platform has been able to meet the users e-books, music, video, games, and other integrated network applications. "In the application of the lack of flat products is not always an important factor to attract consumers. Such products, though we have been in our lab, but we still need to wait for an opportune time to further augment our to the market "This is in a recent interview, Mr. Shi said to us.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablet PC - Benefits Hear the different voices in many of the above authorities, the do not know right flat-panel products now feel. But be sure, Tablet PC and the Internet this year, book, e-books, smart phones and other products competing in the market together. And this phenomenon is also in line with market rules, after all the various PC manufacturers are trying to access the product has been in the previous developed to a certain size, they can make once again to find a breakthrough in new market to cater to consumer psychology.

Well, since doing so, we may wish to analyze here, for all its pros and cons of flat-panel products. In some cases, though looks beautiful, but the actual situation is not satisfactory. We all know that with the current mobile, entertainment, fashion trend in the IT market, the spread, the small size of the product may have the attention of consumers have a greater impact, better able to attract consumers attention. It is also long-term PC market development, we summed up the results of the law, and the actual situation is the case. So let us start with the fuselage the size of point of view, flat-panel products might be entirely due to the keyboard using touch way, so they are destined to have a similar to the current online book, or even smaller size. Of course, this design is to facilitate the operation conducted on the basis. Second, more intuitive full-touch mode of operation with the current access to the Internet compared to the present as well as traditional notebooks will give consumers the practical application of experience brought about a revolutionary breakthrough. Although this product has been full touch-screen smart phone can be fully developed, but for products in the PC's popularity, it is still a new change. In addition, thanks to this new mode of operation, we can rely on a flat-panel products and smart phones in terms of performance compared to the absolute advantage, using the larger screen size Perfect for video playback, web browsing, text entry, games and so forth. In addition, the storage capacity, tablet PCs have also occupied the absolute upper hand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablet PC - disadvantages

All touch on the keyboard, although the mode of operation has brought us a fresh experience, but it has also been a strong bias towards the user application class applications to its largest challenge. After all, when we embark on the text entry, the fingers on the keyboard the pleasure of jumping to any thing can not be beat. So, it seems, even the Internet in this keyboard size too small, but it still can be preferred by consumers.

In addition, if you think you are flat on the scope of application of products does not include a long text entry of such operations, then even looking at e-books, web browsing battery life will be far less than in the smart phone . Also, there is a more crucial question is: most PC games are based on the traditional keyboard operation, but just the whole touch tablet PCs and "does not have" this feature. Of course, cell phone, MID, compared iPad such as the Tablet PC in the volume, there is still too large for. The very least, we can put random mobile phone pocket, but can not iPad. However, a comprehensive view, the Tablet PC is still the biggest drawback is that its input component, that is the keyboard and mouse operation. And the present situation, this "flaw" is a practical application is almost created a significant obstacle. Although most PC vendors have caused the situation in this respect sufficient attention, especially for the design of the product itself. However, the actual view, the current products in the operation are far inferior to smart phones.

At least the current situation will continue

Finally, we flat-panel market from the current view of these advantages and disadvantages of tablet PCs are still very obvious, so many manufacturers are also specifically for them in a different optimization. However, the Tablet PC may also be precisely because of the existence of these is an embarrassing dilemma, becoming not currently being accepted by the general public an important factor. At least the current situation will continue

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crude salt thin

Now many girls in order to thin at all costs, including spending a lot of money and time, but some of the effects of downsizing, but he is not for the long-crude salt has been circulated for the weight-loss techniques, in fact, need not be a waste of money to lose weight, mainly requires that you are willing to take a moment to meet each day immutability carefully.

Crude salt beauty has always been the star, said crude salt can be used to eliminate unwanted body fat, then coarse salt diet side in the end there is no such capacity to play a role in downsizing it, current Xiao Bian, and identification of crude salt, have a slimming method, in the end it does not serve the effect of weight loss? We want to bring this issue to give detailed description of the weight-loss knowledge, the early realization of weight-loss dreams.
Slimming Principle: the perfect body is "pickled" come from?

According to the role of crude salt are sweating can expel excess moisture, and promote skin metabolism, rid the body of waste, coupled with coarse salt to soften the dirt, salt and mineral supplement the body, so coarse salt will not only help to lose weight, but also skin can also become detailed matte, tightness in the beautiful, so have become more popular, and the crude salt-related products is also increasing.

The principle of crude salt diet is actually very simple, two words can be summed up: "bacon." Yi Bayan Sprinkle the meat, you will find that the moisture inside the meat will continue to seep to.
Thin crude salt use: each part of how you thin!

Weight-loss methods crude salt double chin double chin on the thin sister who are quite annoying, even if you are not a small Feimei, have the opportunity to haunt you, but also seriously affect a considerable degree of Liang-like, so when one appears, it is necessary eliminate as soon as possible.

Tips: with the back of a hand massage Sensitive

A lot of people's hands have skin sensitive issues, namely housewives hand, in the event a higher concentration of the material would be great difficulty breeds and capsules redness, so if you are really part of it a type, it is best just to push back of the hand wiping massage, contacts directly with the palm of your hand to avoid salt.

A hands wet in water, and then stick on the coarse salt, use the palm wiping his chin to push around 20 under the chin so that produce heat.
2 turn left hand to continue to push the wipe 20 under the chin.
3 tear out the appropriate length of stay wrapped his chin, so that heat will continue.
4 reuse cloth towels or fixed with plastic wrap, and so after 10 minutes with the plastic wrap removed, washed using warm water to salt.

Weight-loss methods crude salt facial edema facial edema are the most likely to have a situation where long-term sleep well, before going to bed drink too much water, inadequate nutrition would give rise to edema, weight-loss drug even if the food may not be effective, most efficient way to extract directly to the Department of excess moisture.

Tips: before the first Test Tu

As the facial skin compared these young, in order to avoid skin sensitivity, you can first try a small amount of salt applied to the position of the jaw bone test for 15 minutes.

A first water to wet hands and face, and then coated with salt in order to beat the means. And pre-prepared five hot towels and five frozen towels.

2 fresh piece of paper to stay with a small hole for breathing, and then wrap their entire face.
3 hot towels first deposited in the surface of 1 minute, and then chilled towel 1 minute, frozen heat continuously rotated, and then remove the plastic wrap, and then warm water wash away the particles of salt.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter's lazy to lose weight without dieting as usual weight-loss method

Winter is the season for weight loss, but there are a lot of MM too lazy fat movement led to the breeding. For such a season, not slim down means that the other results, fat up. Therefore, it is important to maintain shape, and now teach you the recipe for the idle winter sports lose weight, let you easily maintain a good shape!

1. Friction touch
Friction and heat to promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity beat these well-known, however, can rub flap weight. The principle is friction and heat to warm the body fat burning, so as to achieve weight loss goals.
With two hands or a soft, dry towel, wipe sweep upward from the ankle to the thigh, and then continue upward in one hand and rubbing buttocks in one hand and belly rub. Do first the left, do right.

2. To mention rubbing method
With the thumb and other four fingers grasping to mention muscles, such as kneading dough, like children, will muscle while pinch edges rubbed. Since the ankle up to hip waist kneading. Can influence the alternating, but also on both sides of left and right hands at the same time points. Finally hands Nierou abdomen.

3. Beat France
Five fingers close together, proper power, rhythmically tapping the body. Sequence is also a bottom-up. Avoid the field with real palm shoot the body, with concave palm tapping, the hand contact with the skin to form a hole, making a "popping! Black!" Sound, they can both increase vibration, without pain. Action can beat the muscles firm, elastic skin.

4. Walking France
Walking movement in foreign countries is very respected by the people, the reason is very simple, little walking exercise intensity, and operate simple. The right is the upper body upright walking, the pace of large and 60-80 meters per minute or less walk. Varies due to physical strength, generally slightly sweating is appropriate. As long as we can see the obvious three weeks weight loss.
The timely replenishment after exercise to lose weight, weight loss play a supporting role. Water absorption can help to speed up the metabolism and electrolyte balance, after the campaign should be an appropriate amount of water, preferably mineral sports drink; while the vitamin supplement will be people to maintain physical health, and vitamins can be in a certain kinds of degree, accelerated fat burning.

5. Walking France
General Walking France: The slow and medium speed walking, every 30-60 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Suitable for scenic places.
Fast Walking Method: walking 5-7 km per hour, each exercise 30-60 minutes. Walking heart rate controlled at 120 times per minute, less than this would boost morale.

6. Climbing stairs
Sports physicians, according to the determination of people climb 1 m for every calorie consumed, equivalent to walking 28 meters to go. Their consumption of energy is when the sit-in 10 times, walking 5 times, running time of 1.8 times 2 times swimming, table tennis and when the 1.3 times 1.4 times when playing tennis.

If you follow the six-story staircase running up and down 2-3 times, then the equivalent of 800-1500 meters in the ground jogging exercise. The campaign is particularly suitable for a family of white-collar workers the company to work every day as long as the time from work can be completed, and do not require a lot of time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google needs to withdraw from the Chinese market would suffer heavy losses

According to foreign media reports, released today by Forbes website article, said that if the withdrawal of Google in China, it will suffer heavy losses. And the fact that, Google needs the Chinese market.

Following is the full text of Forbes:

Earlier this week, Google said the delayed release two Android phones in China. Last week, Google said it was due in December in China's large-scale network attacks, Google intends to terminate its business in China.

Google is really ready to withdraw from China? If the withdrawal, Google will suffer heavy losses. We know, Google is negotiating, which indicates that Google is very important to China.
To understand the importance of China's Google, the best way is to review the history of the United States, the Internet. The twentieth century, 90 years since the Internet into mainstream American life, the Internet has made tremendous development in emerging markets acceptance of new technologies on the Internet even faster.

For example, the China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC) released the latest report shows that in 2009 the number of Internet users in China reached 384 million, an increase of 28%. This makes China become the world's Internet users than any other country. Google must be considered is that China's Internet users will continue to be sustained and rapid development momentum, because the total number of China's National 1.3 billion.

Google really needs China. In the near future, China will occupy on the Internet is extremely important position in the field, but Google can not ignore China's one billion potential users. Currently, Google's market share in China of about 33%, behind China's domestic search engine Baidu.

Taking into account the subscriber base in China, Baidu entirely possible that Google developed to such a scale, or even bigger than Google. China's computer users have helped Google maintain its global search engine market leading position and ensure that Google continues to invest in innovation, and thus help the U.S. maintain the field of science and technology and business leadership.

More importantly, with the international development of the Internet, Google on the Internet management issues arising from the differences with the Chinese government is also a distraction. In the past, the center of Internet activity in the United States, but as more and more populous emerging markets, the Internet can bring up gradually to shift the market revenue.

By several national governments through an international organization and management the Internet is very difficult, even impossible. Therefore, the current focus should be on the pursuit of corporate profits, rather than participate in political activities.

More news:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chrome 4.0 officially released 42% performance increase

Following the January 21 pairs of Chrome 4.0 Beta for the last upgrade, Google officially released today, Chrome 4.0 stable version, and also named its version number Google Chrome project manager Anthony Laforge in the official blog, said this version is currently only for Windows platforms, including the following new features and security fixes since the 3.0 since:

- Expansion;
- Bookmark synchronization;
- Enhanced developer tools;
- HTML5: to inform, Web database, local storage, WebSockets, support for Ruby;
- To improve the v8 engine performance;
- Improve the Skia performance;
- Support remote fonts perfect score after the adoption of Acid3 benchmark tests;
- Support for HTTP byte order;
- New security features: Support for "Strict Transport Security"
- Experimental anti-XSS attacks on the new features: XSS Auditor;
- Fixed 11 security flaws, including four high-risk level.

Chrome 4.0 One of the most significant improvement is to enhance the browser extensions, using a new extension system. Another Chrome Product Director Nick Baum, said the use of Chrome 4.0 stable release, PC platforms Chrome users can access through the new extension system, more than 1,500 new features. Users can go to Chrome extensions library search extensions, installation only takes a few seconds of time, is also easy to uninstall.

Google added that, in addition to the many added features, Chrome 4.0 has also achieved a great performance to improve. Use of Mozilla's Dromaeo DOM Core Test Tool results show, Chrome 4.0 than Chrome 3.0 improves the overall performance of 42%, close to Chrome 1.0 to 5 times.