Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kawakami was the ace in the day

In the Warriors pitching staff, it appeared that the Constitution has no extension on the location of Sichuan, because the Warriors have a contract to the Japanese players into a minor league contract, the future will continue to attempt transaction.

Kawakami, out of 40 warriors to the list, and put him into a minor league contract around, down to 2A teams, but the Warriors are expected in the future there will be further action, as general manager Frank Wren has confirmed that spending time outside in the quarter Kawakami help find a new owner, whether transactions with the major league team or sell it back to the Japanese professional baseball, in short, the Warriors are not going with the former Chunichi Dragons ace continued cooperation.

However, transactions with the major league team probably will encounter a problem that no team willing to pay the remaining salary Kawakami. Kawakami, Warriors signed in 2009 and $ 23,000,000 3-year contract, the contract next year's annual salary last year of 667 million U.S. dollars, now it seems the team is not interested in eating this salary.

Kawakami was the ace in the day, even if the performance is not satisfactory living in America, there are still ogle him at the team level, but also will assume about half of the salary, but Wren is still a better opportunity to explore, so the burden of less Warriors .

Friday, November 12, 2010

And when the national players to wear the red alternate jerseys over the weekend

And when the national players to wear the red alternate jerseys over the weekend, they will change the dark blue and red hat with the hat to play. While "Washington" Although the word was preserved gray shirt, but canceled the original Phnom Penh.

"It took us time to experience the whole season, for the fans what is the meaning of experience? What is the meaning of the brand? How to make shirts and we want them to develop into part of this." Executive director of the national team fee Seoul (Andrew Feffer), said, "All the new elements will be presented as a fresh look and feel, and hope the fans will tell us they loved it."

And Ryan. Xin Maman and infielder (Ian Desmond) also said that the white jersey for the new home very satisfied. Ryan. Xin Maman said, "it looks more white, kind of like, kind of like Dodge's jersey, but really good."

Sunday, November 7, 2010

But the Guardian cloth to last pitched at the opening game absence due to a shoulder injury

But the Guardian cloth to last pitched at the opening game absence due to a shoulder injury, has recently hinted Diamondbacks general manager of Tower Falls and health fabric will not be renewed, the National Team came as no surprise to his interest.

According to the Washington Post pointed out, November 7th is the Diamondbacks first contract negotiations with health cloth deadline, if the Diamondbacks did not move, so that a free body guard cloth, national team should be shot soon.

Wei cloth early October coalition has the guidance in the fall race, when he was the fastest clocked at 85 miles or so, Wei cloth said: "My curve ball and speed ball tailing are good, have the confidence to progress further over time ball . "to see the national team again this year would be willing to gamble....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Through the brutality of life in San Francisco

Through the brutality of life in San Francisco, Texas Rangers return home to retrieve the AL West title after the final posture, single-field two home runs, with "Ronin" Louis (Colby Lewis) once again put on a good investment wonderful, won team history's first win in the World Series, will also level the situation in 1 to 2. Rangers get first win all feel invigorated from top to bottom, guns Hamilton (Josh Hamilton) even said, "momentum has been transferred off!"

Back to Arlington, the Rangers opened the scoring in the second game, the next 5 games is icing on the cake Hamilton, hit the solo shot, and laid the base game win, head coach after the game in Washington (Ron Washinigton) said happily, " We want to go home, (because) we all know the team will finally play a good game, and we did. "When the game ended, more than Washington, hearty laugh, watch the war in the former U.S. President George W. Bush (George W. Bush ) is also quite happy.

Rookie Molander (Mitch Moreland) third at 2 under Council Rangers Cenci home run to help get points, and Hamilton under 5 Board is the key to playing solo, so that was a scoreless giant, feeling 4 sub-gap as far away from the Earth to the Pluto-like. In the important moments, and finally play a home run proved the strength, confidence, Hamilton said, "We are still lagging behind in a game, but the situation has been turning!"