Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sea Hawks and Secret group star Moree Qianyue

Seattle Seahawks and Secret group star Shaun - Moree signed a years contract.

Team week a announced they have and This from Arizona Cardinals 2008 occupational bowl star sign up. 34 Maury is last season occupational bowl alternate. Moree expertise is abandoned kick and kickoff.

Moree 1999 draft in seventh round been New England Patriots select. His past three seasons are Cardinals effectiveness, in his Secret Group 109 games an Total 151 Ci intercept. Seven complete NFL season, he Secret group interception aspects 5 Ci ranked team first. He also as outer took 11 Ci catch.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

08 season, the new coach's first game scheduled for striking opponent

NFL has announced that 2008 pre-season games will be held August 3 to war, from the Colts and the Washington Redskins team in the Hall of Fame Canton, Ohio, the seat held in the city Hall of Fame pass the opening game. The competition will be held at 8:00 p.m. that day by day and night, NBC's weekly game broadcast to the nation.

In accordance with established practice, early in August each year into the Hall of the Hall of Fame ceremony was held Saturday, where selected players from the team's fans all over the country influx Khamthong City ceremony. Sunday at Hall of Fame game, which is the first preseason game, as a prelude to the season officially opened. This year's selection the day before in the Super Bowl game has been announced, a total of six, including defensive end Fred Dean, cornerback Darrell Green, things to take over Art Monk, cornerback Emmitt Thomas, linebacker Andre Tippett and offensive Tackle Gary Zimmerman.

Redskins Hall of Fame game four teams in the competition in the victory. This game will be compelling because of erythroderma team's new coach Jim Zorn will be the first time. This year, he Redskins coach selection process is unexpectedly come to the fore. The former coach at the Redskins Gibbs announced his resignation after the end of the season, Redskins spent more than a month time to 10 candidates for the selection of the marathon, including the team defensive coach Gregg Williams, the Giants won the Super Bowl hero Defensive coach Steve Spagnuolo, the former Falcons coach Jim Mora, the former Giants coach Jim Fassel.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patriots rout Steelers

Patriot victory at a time when the momentum seemed unstoppable, the kites and crows almost topple Patriots. Gate of Life has always been eager to find a patriot of the team seemed to suddenly find the loopholes in the Patriot defense: linebacker aging, cornerback and the halfback who often leak, Moss is not a superman, Brady can also be engaged in halo blitz. So the emergence of this week, Steelers people think that this will be a chance to stop the Patriot. But the Patriot deal with the Steelers in the first half, the third quarter will easily pull away from the end of 34 to 13 victory over Steelers. Super-class team and first-rate gap between the teams is very obvious. Steelers advance pretty good in the first half, accounting for most of the point of time, but can not be successfully attacked two touchdowns, ending only in penalties, loss of opportunity. The Patriot touchdowns, has demonstrated the understatement of the recipe after the push deep touchdowns, did not need the ball time. But also no ground attack, the audience red ball only 22 yards, just relying on aerial bombardment, Brady four touchdowns to easily get to. Moss two touchdowns in the Steelers defense positions, such as into the country unhindered. Patriots the last three games, two at home on air-jet machine and dolphins, the last week away to the giant, 16 straight victories has become a foregone conclusion and I am afraid. III Brady and Moss a wonderful tricks and tactics (video), is almost at the 40th session of the Steelers Super Bowl victory over Seahawks in a replica of touchdowns.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patriots get four compensatory draft picks

New England Patriots free agent last year, losing the big winner. Patriots team has won the NFL draft in April up to the 4 compensation draft picks. These picks are sections 6 (1, total 205) and the seventh round (3, total 247,248,250 bits). New England Patriots before the 2009 season, lost Heath - Evans, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Gaffney, Larry - Isa, Lamont - Jordan and Lonnie - Paxton, only signed Brandon - wheat Gao Wen.

Overall, 32 such picks are distributed at the Monday off, there are 19 teams receive at least one. Carolina, Pittsburgh and Tennessee, each team received three, while Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Philadelphia are two. To get a compensation draft picks are Green Bay, Detroit, Jacksonville, Miami, Minnesota, Oakland, St. Louis, San Diego, Seattle, Tampa Bay and San Francisco.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Top Ten NFL's most exclusive sports club seats 6

In the "Forbes" magazine's Top Ten in 2009 the richest sports club, NFL, six clubs the list, respectively, the Dallas Cowboys (No. 2), Washington Redskins (No. 3), New England Patriots ( No. 5) New York Giants (No. 8), the New York Jets (No. 9), Houston Texans (No. 10), the European soccer clubs have three the list, American professional baseball league that only the New York Yankees ranked No. 4, NBA the team without a chart.

The magazine wrote that, although in the past year, continued economic recession, the market value of more than one billion U.S. dollars in the number of sports clubs has increased, currently 25, including NFL club reached as many as 19. Economic crisis, a greater impact for the small club, but with the NFL that the influence of even the country club little impact in the past year, NFL teams has shrunk the average value of only 1.5%, the richest 10 total NFL club value of 16.4 billion U.S. dollars, while 22 teams total value of 30.3 billion U.S. dollars, the wealth gap is very small.

But in the MLB, the middle club has been severely destroyed, such as Atlanta, San Francisco, Texas and Cleveland, these teams have pulled out of one billion yuan club, only the New York Yankees to increase horsepower "printing money" because the team from the television and the new stadium to get a huge amount of revenue. NBA teams are also surprising step backward, the Los Angeles Lakers value from a year ago, 700 million 70 million U.S. dollars fell to 600 million U.S. dollars, is still in the NBA ahead of the pack, because the second place New York Knicks drop more. It is clear that the fare increase are too large and the impact of the high cost of advertising, on-site spectators and sponsors of the NBA have been afraid of.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Veteran full-Wei contract with the Jets for one year

New York Jets and the full-Wei Tony - Richardson on a one-year contract agreement, the league's best backcourt to intercept one of the leaders will be only the league's best offensive team the ball and then washed the effectiveness of a year.

Richardson, 38 years old, will enter his 16th NFL season, has done more than 1000 yards red player pioneer, including the past two seasons, Thomas - Jones. Tuesday's signing this jet, the official signing took place in Latin America wearing Neanderthal - Tomlinson, the same day.

Richardson, a three-time All-Star in 2001-03 to help the Kansas City Royals Priestley - Holmes three consecutive red balls over 1000 yard seasons in 2005, helping Larry - Johnson Chong Ball more than 1000 yd. In the next effect in Minnesota during the season, helping Chester - Taylor completed the same results. 2007 Adrian - Petersen, in his rookie season on the red ball 1341 yards, in which Richardson played an important role.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sanchez was teacher pointing rapid growth

Brett - Faffe, Peyton - Manning, Drew - Brisbane, as well as Mark - Sanchez.

These are the Federation into the final four this season, the team leader's name, Mark - Sanchez as a rookie than a lot of fame quarterback league career has just entered the door to go further. Sanchez said: "It feels good, like just a dream, you have gradually grown up, rookie season, playing in Indianapolis, the League of Nations finals, you're really amazing." Perhaps not so magical in the last six years, there are three rookie 4 Sub-Wei entered the AP final, and two others were present Steelers - Roethlisberger and Joe Ravens - Flacco.

1998 Peyton - Manning with the first identity Colts won, the rookie quarterback to sit on the sidelines can only watch the game history, Manning the past 11 years has been the Colts starting in 1991 Faffe at the Rookie to sit for a year in Atlanta bench, then was traded to Green Bay after the main branded. After 10 years in San Diego, Brisbane as the Lightning team had a rookie just starting times, Peyton - Manning the same period star Ryan - Cliff occupies the throne of the starter. Faffe, said: "Everybody wants to attend the Super Bowl, when you get older, the more cherish this opportunity, especially if you played the Super Bowl game, once you know how difficult it go, does not matter how good you are , we can put Pittsburgh and the Giants as an example, if you can seize the opportunity. "Jets this season, very Shan Yuzhua opportunities, they are seven regular season games, there are two playoff win, all very difficult score very close.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Mobile phones can watch NFL games live

According to foreign media reported yesterday, NFL and Verizon Wireless has signed a four-year agreement, the content in the mobile phone to play league live and highlights.

NFL is responsible for media strategy, senior vice president Brian Rolapp said in a statement: "We look forward to cooperate with Verizon Wireless, in order to provide the most extensive mobile phone fans watch the game experience." NFL, and Verizon Wireless have declined to the financial terms of the transaction to comment on However, according to media reports that included royalties and advertising expenses, the transaction value of 720 million U.S. dollars.

The deal allows Verizon Wireless to be a professional rugby league's official wireless provider, an increase in the number of mobile phone watch event. This agreement replaced the previous and the NFL transactions between Sprint Nextel, according to the agreement, fans can watch cell phone Thursday and Sunday night NFL broadcast by the NBC tournament, and the NFL Network channel and Red Zone Channel broadcast of the tournament.

Verizon Wireless said it will focus on 3G handsets available on the above, is scheduled before the end of 2013, in its 3G network coverage in all regions of the United States launched; At the same time, the company also plans in 2010 25 to 30 markets for the speed Faster 4G mobile phones to provide this service.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Colt lost a great champion does not cover the season shine

Reggie - Wayne ready to interview him just staring at the reporters that he was not troubled by the problem reporters, but did not believe the Colts even lost his hometown team the Saints, soon after the end of the game, Wayne will to dispel those feelings of disappointment, set his sights on next season, he said: "I certainly hope to win, we must come back next season, re-launched its attack on the Super Bowl."

Wayne then magnanimously in history, there are many examples to learn from the Green Bay 60's, 70's Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Miami, 80 years Washington, Denver, San Francisco, 90 years of Buffalo, Dallas, Denver, in the 21st century such as New England powerhouse can do a lot of two or more consecutive seasons rounded out the Super Bowl, even though the game has just been disappointing in the past, but the Colts this season, there is still much to be proud of, for example,

The creation of NFL regular season game winning streak (23 games)
10 years to win the regular season played (115 games)
7 consecutive seasons of at least win 12 games each season's NFL record of
There are 7 games in the fourth quarter comeback, the creation of NFL record
Peyton - Manning 4 th regular-season MVP set NFL records

Peyton - Manning concluded: "I think the playoffs playing well, played a level of consecutive weeks, the Saints have played this game with some brilliant, but still not good enough, so lost super wrist Champion . "In late December, the Colts also maintain the state of the former 14-week victory, it is possible to realize the regular season victory, but the Colts management in order to better prepare for the playoffs the last two weeks on ice for the main force, leading to two game losing streak, in the middle of the fans attracted a lot of criticism. Pierre took over the outside - Gason Water Well: "I am the last game at the university in order to defeat the end, you can not always think about this incident, which took over them, you take him as a future comeback momentum. "The current impasse in labor negotiations for the Colts is a good thing, such as the go oh no salary cap next season, meaning the ball less than 6 years of age at the player can not become a non-restricted free agent, the Colts are the average union Age fifth lower ball team, help ensure the integrity of the lineup next season, although the agreement also stipulates that the team can not sign free agent market, casual players, unless they also let go a player, right for the Colts is not a problem, they are more willing to let rookie to supplement the shortfall.

Colts owner Jim - Ilse revealed that, in addition to renewal Peyton - Manning, the team no more moves, some other casualty's return also make the new season of the Colts more powerful, cutting-edge things to take over Anthony -- Gonzalez had been high hopes, but he was affected by the knee injury that almost scrapped the whole season, leading rookie Gason and Austin - Collie had opportunities to show, both the data very well this season, coupled with stable Tight end Wayne and Dallas - Clark, Peyton - Manning has five high-level next season passing target is expected to play NFL's best passing offense.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Philadelphia Eagles signed with the external procedures is about 5 years

This week, Philadelphia Eagles and the outer took Jason - A-aventis signed a five-year contract. A-Aventis is a restricted free agent, as the external force the hands of the Philadelphia season, he has created a career-high 41 catches for a total of 587 yards, as well as three touchdowns.
"Jason - A-Aventis has developed into our offensive group, the most reliable and most efficient player," coach Andy - Reid said. "His body, his tenacity, and he has been the respect of his teammates. Jason playing in the right way, he competes on a daily basis, whether in competition or in training."

A Levant fourth-round draft pick in 2006, was selected in his four seasons there are 103 times the ball and 8 touchdowns. He has skills to make a tighter grasp the ball. 37 3 Alvin unique profile of the ball within the offense, including 32 attack on a stall in the catch.

"Jason is an important part of our offense, we are very pleased and that he signed a long-term contract," general manager Howie - Rothman said. "I really admire his attitude towards the game and his attitude toward life in peacetime."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

England only to talk about performance bonuses

Since hired as national team coach Fabio Capello, England's World Cup trip a lot easier, after qualifying victory qualified the FA seem to see the hope, now that they promised there would be a team of up to 5.5 million pounds bonus injection can be marked with the main players during the World Cup will each be able to obtain 40 million pounds (about 400 million yuan).

5.5 million pounds is not a small sum, but compared with the first prize in Spain on a bit pathetic, but it must be pointed out that the FA did not give the team to develop the specific objectives of the World Cup, that is, no matter what kicked out of games, This bonus will be spending, from this perspective, the England national team is quite happy, and in the World Cup qualifying promotion, the team's main players have been nearly 30 million pounds prize money. In contrast, FA is more generous to the coach, coach Fabio Capello in qualifying bonus up to one million pounds --- This is the original contract Well, if England win the World Cup, Fabio Capello than the team members to take is much the same prize is 100 million pounds.