Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chrome 5 replace the loss of advantages Opera 10.5

Referred to the browser speed test Google Chrome has been leading quite a long time, but with the advent of Opera 10.50 new, Chrome has given out the number one position, although the Opera 10.50 is still in the testing phase, but in recent third party browser speed test can obviously see its advantages, enabled Carakan engine Opera, in terms of speed has become a leader in all major browsers.

Test environment in the latest Microsoft operating system windows7 on the current mainstream of several multiple versions of the browser has been tested, including IE8, Firefox 3.6, Safari 4, Chrome 5.0, Chrome 4.0, Opera 10.1, Opera 10.5 ... in the The following chart is very evident in the 10.1 version of the Opera Speed and Chrome still far too many, but in the 10.50 version of its speed suddenly surged, in fact, Opera browser has always been technology-heavy, though not particularly outstanding prior to any one of aspects of performance, but the overall performance is not weak, so the browser market, competition in the face several strong competitors when worldwide there are still a lot of User Selected Opera browser. But one thing Xiaobian still convinced, as the technology-heavy Opera browser, its developer is still very strong, this time Opera 10.50, turned out is a good proof of this.

CSS benchmark test conducted by Opera 10.50 beta1 version of the impulse has taken the lead in the top speed is still the slowest IE8 browser. See here, is not very much looking forward to the official version of the Opera 10.50? Starting from March 1, Microsoft themselves to create a European version of the browser options screen will begin to users, and every PC user can choose according to their own favorite web browser, an application of the five main browser, IE, Firefox , Chrome, Opera and Safari, who will be the face of such an opportunity to seize the initiative? Opera made at this time whether the force is prepared for this moment it? Let us wait and see!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twitter or blog advertising platform to lead to speculation that

Twitter head of product management and revenue Anamitra Banerji told reporters: "Twitter is developing an advertising platform, and now only in the testing phase." Banerjee refused to disclose the official release of this platform the exact date. Twitter did not immediately available for comment.

Twitter has caused the network to the much-anticipated advertising platform of discussion, a number of well-known blog on Twitter have advertising in the Tuesday forecast.

Well-known aggregation sites reference CEO Seth Goldstein as saying, Twitter plans to be released within a month of this advertising platform. However, Goldstein, also known in another message in Twitter when he does not know, or whether it will publish advertising platform.

After Goldstein also on a personal blog and Twitter staff Banerjee apology: "I am very sorry to let everyone think that I know some things, in fact, I do not know. We are free to talk only Twitter business development direction for the future of advertising said the speculation, which is interpreted as a real 'news', I am very sorry. "

Twitter COO Dick Costolo said in November last year, Twitter is developing new advertising products: "Twitter has advertising business development strategy. You can see in the near future. The platform will break through the traditional, very novel, will certainly provide that everyone like it. "

Well-known U.S. technology blog GigaOM by Mathew Ingram, said he heard that Twitter may be a number of media companies join forces next month, jointly published by the advertising platform.

Twitter business growing rapidly. Twitter Monday said its site is currently handling a daily volume of tweet the message has reached 50 million, or an average of 600 per second tweet. Twitter, vice president for communications business Sean Garrett has released 20005 1000 tweet messages.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cloud computing will drive growth in the outbreak of hacker Industry

Whether Google was accused China of two schools to use Google hacking attacks against whether it is true, the attacker has been a well-known websites hackers to test his skills and courage of the key actors. However, hackers do not necessarily lead to a site each time a standstill, they represent a significant factor in this show of their own.

With the proposal of cloud computing, more and more user data started to be more rules, more detailed, more remain in the operator's server storage space, the commercial value of these data is not just the user contact address of such a small value of They may be used as trade secrets, the value of 10 million!

Thanks to the Internet open and secure technology, the characteristics of immature target of the attack is not a very difficult thing. Therefore, hackers, natural emergence of unprecedented opportunities for black. They can access the various cloud computing servers, and completely not to be found. User data has become a black market product users and operators may be completely unknown.

This is not sensational, nearly five years, the occurrence of similar events have been played as many as tens of thousands, but also the potential site of internal embezzlement based hackers.
To solve network security has become a block in the development of cloud computing on the road to a huge barrier. But, this does not affect users that do not involve private data in the development of cloud computing applications, for example, blog system, virtual hosting, online translation, navigation maps, and other publicly available data services.

Global software and the Internet are looking for solutions. Now it seems that cloud computing and traditional methods of calculation will be a long-term co-exist.

The hacker who has become a career can gradually surfaced. In the legal and technical constraints can not be completely time hacking through the Internet to obtain or tamper with the behavior of target data will have a great market, which will take place not only among enterprises, but inter-State or individual users.

Data security has never been so vulnerable and the performance of attention. Cloud storage operators will become the center of the battlefield.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Gray Pigeon" New variants of rampant Internet

National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center network monitoring via the Internet found that, in many recent computer users by the "gray pigeons" new variant (Backdoor_GreyPigeon.Asiy) threat, to remind users to be careful to guard against.

Experts say that the variant is a reverse connection back door process, that the reverse connection can bypass the network firewall monitoring. It would take the initiative to connect the infected operating system, a malicious attacker to specify a remote Web site to obtain client's IP address. A malicious attacker to manipulate the client has been infected with the operating system is a server-side. Subsequently, the infected operating system will be listening a malicious attacker's instructions, in order to achieve the remote control.

The variant is running, it will be its own copy of the infected operating system directory, and set its properties to hidden, system, read-only in kind. At the same time, it creates some system services, and modify the registry in order to achieve self-starting with the operating system. It also infected the operating system in the new IE browser, the process of its property to hidden, and the virus file itself into the process.

In addition, through the "gray pigeons" in the background records of the infected operating system, keyboard users, malicious attackers to steal computer users the system can be any of the personal privacy of information and local system information, and send that information to malicious attacks, which will eventually lead to the user's computer system is a remote control, system files have been maliciously removed, the system automatically upload malicious program the remote to download files.

Experts suggest:

1, in time to upgrade computer systems in the anti-virus software and firewalls; in the use of computer systems, when browsing the web, open system, anti-virus software, "real-time monitoring" function at the same time to open the firewall.

2, Do not be easily downloaded from the Internet to run anti-virus software without the system processed the data file, or suspicious plug-in, it is best to run its full scan before.

3, timely vulnerabilities to download and install patches to the system administrator account set up more complex passwords, the best password-digit number, such as: letters + numbers + other symbols; disable / delete some do not use the system account.

4, closure of the system does not require the service process, there are no special circumstances, the best there is no need to turn off the shared disk partition.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Millions of WordPress blog a few hours downtime of the affected

According to foreign media reports, the United States WordPress blog service platform, down a few hours local time, Thursday, to use the service platform 9 million blog affected. The company's Web site posted on the "Top Users List" column, including "The Wall Street Journal" and "Wall Street" magazine, Forbes blog, music Jay-Z and GigaOM Pro, AMD blog, and other technology sites. During the downtime, the leading technology blog site TechCrunch also affected.

The downtime occurred, WordPress on Twitter confirmed by the statement published in this issue. The statement said: " downtime, we are now actively recovery." With regard to the downtime, meaning users can Twitter published a large number of comments posts. The latest in a post confirmed that the company's blog service platform has been restored, using the platform's blog site also have to restore access. WordPress Matt Mullenweg, said: "We are now restored to full capacity, running on the restored service, we keep a close surveillance."

Affected the social media news site Wordcast on Pacific time February 18 at 3:30 pm report, WordPress services have been restored to normal. Another social media websites Next Web, put down the WordPress called "rare" but is indeed very serious, there are 9.2 million blog subject to the impact of downtime.

WordPress downtime when the incident is what the individual consumers and business users to grow increasingly Internet-based cloud computing services on the dependence of the time. The most popular sites and applications in many, in the face of growing traffic and hacker attacks, are exposed their weaknesses. Twitter has suffered paralysis several dilemmas, including the recent one in December last year, the downtime. Other popular Web services also suffered a similar embarrassment, including search engines, including Microsoft's Bing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Facebook traffic than Yahoo

Market research firm Compete, statistics show that in January this year, Facebook's independent IP traffic at 134 million, while Yahoo's was 132 million, Facebook has surpassed Yahoo to become the U.S. second-largest site, behind in the first of Google. Once upon a time, Yahoo was the Internet, banner, that is, in February 2008 its traffic was exceeded after Google, and now it lost its second seat. The Facebook's win, and also shows great strength of the social networking site, and development prospects. People's use of the Internet has grown from a simple tool developed to the necessities of life.

However, in this statistics, Yahoo's visit to the delicious and flickr are not included in the statistics (which are not unified in the Yahoo Web site under the domain name), and Facebook all the services under the domain name in Facebook. But Facebook has a higher degree of user participation, user access to the Internet an average of 11% of the time spent on Facebook, while Yahoo and Google this data is only 4%.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Microsoft denied that Windows 7 is normal for a defective battery Baocuo

February 9, according to foreign media reports, for some users to complain about Windows 7 laptop battery life to shorten the time of the issue, Microsoft said recently that this is not Windows 7 system error.

Recently, some users have, from the Windows Vista upgrade to Windows 7, the battery life from 2 hours into a half an hour, which Microsoft claimed the new system will extend battery life quite the contrary.

Moreover, sometimes despite the battery business as usual, the system will determine the error that the battery has been exhausted, and recommends that users immediately be replaced.

Some users said that he did you are prompted to replace the old batteries, but the new battery or continue to receive the same warning.

In response, Microsoft said Monday, after a survey found that, Windows 7 itself is not a problem. The reason that prompts for replacement batteries, because the performance of this piece of the battery failed to meet specific targets.

Microsoft also said that the features are new features in Windows 7, the old version of the system users have never seen such prompt. Thus, there may be some surprise.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Netease version will be submitted to the Department, "The Burning Crusade" publication to apply

Netease World of Warcraft official website issued a public notice, saying that from 2010 February 8 to February 14, will be suspended "World of Warcraft" new user registration, Press and Publication Administration will put forward the recent publication of "World of Warcraft (Burning Expedition) "online game publication applications.

November 2, 2009 and Publication Administration says on its website published a notice, so that net Yi companies to immediately stop the breach, correct the error, stop charging and the new account registration. Press and Publications Department will be made as appropriate according to their corresponding administrative punishments, including suspension of their Internet access service.

Subsequently, the Press and Publication Administration issued a notice to terminate the "World of Warcraft" (The Burning Crusade) for approval, back on the introduction of publication of "World of Warcraft" application.

"The companies have applied to the net, easy to operate outside the agency authorized by the copyright owner's online game" World of Warcraft, "the approval process, the Press and Publication Administration, taking into account the conversion process of the game operator agent has large amounts of data need to sort out, in order to protect the player's vital interests will not be harmed, allowing net non-performing companies in the content easy to make changes at the same time starting from July 30 to conduct an internal test, focuses on the players in the game's various data for effective recovery, while during the explicit requirements Neice no fees and the provision of new account registration. net Foods Co., Ltd. expressed full acceptance and implementation. "

"But the net Foods Co., Ltd. Press and Publication Administration for approval, without the consent of the circumstances, September 19 unauthorized charges and provide a new account registration behavior, has resulted in a de facto open operating service, a serious violation of the country on online games of Press and Publication Administration before the Internet is subject to approval and pre-authorized by the copyright owner of the Internet outside of the game works is subject to the provisions of Press and Publication Administration for approval. To do this, Press and Publication Administration issued a notice, decided to terminate the "World of Warcraft" (Burning expedition) for approval, returned to the applicant. "

Notice also asked, net, easy to companies to immediately stop the breach, correct the error, stop charging and the new account registration. Press and Publications Department will be made as appropriate according to their corresponding administrative punishments, including suspension of their Internet access service.

Faced with such severe penalties, but not to stop taking the NetEase (off the server, stop the operation). February 7, 2010, NetEase World of Warcraft official website issued a public notice, saying that from 2010 February 8 to February 14 will be suspended World of Warcraft new user registration, and will be submitted to the Press and Publication Administration published in "World of Warcraft (The Burning Crusade) "online game publication applications.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mobile Communication maximum penalty of life imprisonment yellow Information

February 3, the supreme law, Zuigao Jian jointly issued "on the handle to use the Internet, mobile communication terminals, voice sets production, reproduction, publishing, selling, disseminating obscene electronic information such as the specific application of the law in criminal cases, the interpretation of a number of issues (b)."

"Explanation (b)" provisions in order to profit for the purpose of the use of the Internet, mobile communications terminal containing the spread of dissatisfaction with 14 years of age minors, obscene electronic information, will be to produce, reproduce, publish, sell, disseminate pornographic material for profit be convicted and punished, the maximum Pan Wuqi. Among them, more than 10 distribution of pornographic video files can be convicted.

In addition, the "Explanation (b)" the first time Shehuang telecom operators and advertisers are also included in the scope of the conviction and punishment. For five or more pornographic web sites providing such services; or for pornographic web sites or provide services to collect service charges from the amount in the Second million yuan; or the level of fees for pornographic web sites on behalf of five million yuan for telecom operators, will be convicted, In serious cases, sentence of at least three years, the circumstances are especially serious and even sentenced to life imprisonment.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

British scientists said that human ancestors were microbes from outer space

3, according to British media reports, life come from? This problem plagued mankind for a long time has been explored by scholars from various countries. Recently, a British scientist gives his own answer: "We are also aliens." He said, "human ancestors millions of years ago brought about by the comet microbes."

Reported that the University of British Jiadi Fu, Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe Astrobiology claimed that human beings from outer space and to micro-organisms for their own ancestors.

He explained that whenever a new birth of planetary systems, a number of surviving micro-organisms which will flow to those of comets, and through continuous breeding spread in a different planet. He said that the Earth is also a part of the food chain.

Chandra Wickramasinghe added that the first life on Earth the seeds appear in the years since 3800 years ago, when, after a few Bai Yinian the evolution of the universe of mutual collision between the comet traces of life to spread from one planet to another, the Earth is also part of the communication system.

But he acknowledged that there have not yet found life on Earth is how the evolution of the theoretical basis for adults.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Staying at home and business to the world

At present, E-commerce is an irresistible tendency to rapid development, has been developed as an important means to enhance competitiveness, but also the development of modern service industry in China is becoming a hot topic. With the continuous deepening of e-business applications, a simple information-release products as the core e-commerce services have been unable to meet the business needs for enterprises to provide a deeper level of integration and coordination services in various sectors of the authority, security, integrity the whole process of third-party e-business models are becoming the future of B2B e-commerce services to the mainstream. More and more enterprises, especially SMEs, e-commerce began to taste the sweetness. Only Alibaba 1, 2009 Guangzhou Domestic paying members increased to 23000 on the more than 2008 an increase of nearly 44%; in 2009, Guangzhou's foreign trade almost 5,000 paying members, compared with 2008 growth of about 35%.

Killed off the Internet business is seeking sales

Founded in Guangzhou Hua Wei is just the beginning of a more than 10 individuals of small international freight forwarding company, the post-2008 due to financial crisis, the impact of export atrophy, performance began to decline, faced with a number of peer-low-price competition difficult. Under the crisis in early August that year attempt to join Alibaba "trust pass" and did not want only a week after the start with the feedback, every day several inquiry. "This road walk pass," the company vice president of Long climb mentioned in the company's hand-building site, beginning the third week received the first order. "In the freight forwarding industry, cold winter, many colleagues are facing layoffs or even close, our company's business is expanding, only the network can produce such a miracle!" Dragon Pan said China will further expand the network Wei's business, Alibaba platform synchronized at the domestic and international trade, with a view to obtain more benefits.

Similarly, because the business is closed and to e-commerce platform for victims to seek outlets were operating in South America's Guangzhou Fu Long valuable timber import and export trading company fort. In 2007, because of good news to attract importers to import large quantities of green sandalwood logs, resulting in the Green Tan oversupply, thus the price drop. Seeing entered in 2008, the downtrend is still a continuation of supply and poor circulation caused by pressure on rich-long surge in company funds fort. In this case, the company for help and join the fish, wood beads online mall. Fish, wood beads Network Services team to help them plan a series of online promotional activities, achieve better results, then the company's Argentine Fu Long Castle Green sandalwood craft is not only empty timber inventory, but also sold a good price.

Staying at home and then expand the sales channel

Relying on e-commerce platform, businesses will be easy to operate domestic and foreign sales of tentacles to every corner of staying at home and our business would have done the whole world.
The first quarter of 2008, Wood Co., Ltd. Zhuhai, Guangdong fish from the fish, wood beads on-line mall received from Europe, South America and other countries of the timber merchants inquiry information, online discussion several times, won more than 200 million orders. In addition, many European and American, the African Group and the Association of the timber, such as Austria TeakHolz International Corporation, India's Kirin Co., Ltd. and so on, also through the fish net and wood beads wood to reach the market and trade cooperation between businesses.

"In the past more than the promotion of enterprises in the PRD, now the Shandong, Anhui and other provinces and cities with our customers also find a consulting business," America's color Chemical Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Liao Yan admitted to join after the HC network e-commerce platform They expanded sales channels, but without time-consuming effort to make the customer thousands of miles across the network aware of the product information and take the initiative to call us. The sight of the opportunities of e-commerce, they applied for a short time after another two accounts to do business.

Members of e-commerce platform into the Senior Marketing

In addition, e-commerce network platform for its timely, efficient and widespread dissemination of information to help product promotion, improved enterprise visibility, and accelerate the pace of product sales, virtually became a senior business marketing staff.

Wood Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, Hong Wei Ao Sen Dalbergia is a typical case of a successful match. When the fish bead timber trading center the admissibility of the company's sales of 50 tons of Weiao Dalbergia commissioned, the fish net on the one hand the use of wood beads in the industry's influence to actively mahogany furniture manufacturers recommend the same time, bring together online propaganda offensive also been fully the use of brand column "hot spots together" to planning special coverage and expand the performance of the promotion Weiao Dalbergia wood and wood beads in the fish net QQ group members released sales information for purchasing customers. After more than a week of frequent rally and the match, Guangzhou, Hong Sen Wood Co., Ltd. successfully sold 50 tons of Weiao Dalbergia. Wood beads followed by fish network trading center customer service personnel under the auspices of the Guangzhou-Hong Sen Wood also successfully sold out 70 tons Weiao Dalbergia.

SME transactions more efficient at

Practice has proved that an increasing number of e-commerce applications enable SMEs to obtain the actual benefit. Third-party e-commerce platform, according to a representative of Alibaba's statistics show that in 2008 Alibaba B2B platform, small and medium enterprises, 25.04 percent of the enterprises in the Alibaba B2B platform for every 1 yuan invested the money, you can bring an average of 234 yuan turnover returns.

Fish Beads Wood network of mall customers pay a return visit, 30% of the enterprises analyze new market conditions of the site, fast and accurate price information, as well as bring together global leaders expressed satisfaction that will help the company's business expansion and decision-making. Of these, 16 companies indicated that since the establishment of online mall, the Advisory phones has increased, with the improvement in business and increased confidence. According to statistics, fish, wood beads online business has commissioned for lodging up to 137 single-delegate total amount of up to 2 million yuan. Recently, there are two transactions totaling more than 200 million ultra-success of the business transactions.

In order to encourage more SMEs to use e-commerce, the Guangzhou last year introduced the "e-business applications to support small and medium enterprises in Guangzhou City, capital management Interim Procedures" will arrange 30 million yuan within three years set up an SME e-business applications to support funding, through government purchase of service mode testing the waters of e-commerce for SMEs to reduce the threshold. Small and medium enterprises in Guangzhou City, the first selection to the Government to determine the third-party e-commerce service providers to purchase services, provided that they meet in Guangzhou industrial and commercial business license obtained in accordance with law and pay taxes, the signing of not less than one year service agreement, no application criteria for subsidies enjoyed may apply for subsidies. Application time to May 31, 2010 deadline. It is learned that three-year plan to support 3000 foreign trade enterprises and enterprise applications, e-commerce 30000 domestic trade.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Samsung will mass production of 30 nm DDR3 DRAM memory chips

The world's largest memory chip maker Samsung Electronics said on Monday, 30 nm DDR3 DRAM memory chips have been suitable for consumers to use, ready to be applied to products.
Samsung said, 2GB DDR3 memory chips, power consumption than using 50-nanometer manufacturing technology manufacturer of memory chips to reduce power consumption by 30% the cost of production efficiency more than doubled. Samsung used in notebook computers, desktop computers and servers, 2GB DDR3 memory chips to use only 1.5 V or 1.35 V power supply.

Business online memory chip market, according to the DRAMeXchange Technology, said, as DDR3 memory chips to reduce power consumption and provide the speed, DDR3 memory may be in the quarter, replacing its previous DDR2 memory products. PC makers are actively promoting in notebook computers and servers use memory chips.

Using 30-nanometer manufacturing technology will enable Samsung to compete ahead of DRAM memory manufacturers. Samsung Electronics said its 30 nm DDR3 chips will be mass-produced in the second half of this year, and plans before the end of 2010, this new technology to most of the memory chip production.

Intel and Micron joint venture, IM Flash Technologies is a leading company in the Samsung, one of the few. The company is using 25-nanometer technology to produce flash memory chips. The company does not produce DRAM memory chips.

Samsung said that in the production of DDR3 memory chip, 30-nanometer technology than the older 40-nanometer technology, the production efficiency by 60%. Chip manufacturers generally will not provide immediate cost savings to the consumer, because they first need to introduce the technology needed to recover the large-scale investment.