Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back to the home game of the Giants, Kahn starting pitcher

Back to the home game of the Giants, Kahn starting pitcher (Matt Cain) technology Pressure Black Moss, paid out of the performance of 7 Board 2 hits, coupled with the Phillies killer Rose (Cody Ross) and knocked back the giant's first 1 minute, Giants 3-0 shutout whistle Phillies, NLCS get 2:1 lead.

Kahn said: "I think this game very exciting and I try to stop the Phillies score, do I vote for every ball." He hits 5K3 today, walks 7 Board 2, becoming the fifth in the NL championship, the single Field 7 scoreless innings, only to be knocked 2 hits below the pitcher.

Kahn eventually won the first playoff victory, the first round to face the Warriors, to pay a 6.2 inning knocked seven hits 6K lost 1 point, it is also wonderful performances, but relief pitcher was the worst of two back-office investment Luo Lopez (Javier Lopez) and Wilson (Brian Wilson) completely blocked the two Councils to help Kahn won the first playoff victory.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fat compared to the instability of the sand

Fat compared to the instability of the sand, the first Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson gave up the first 6 Board only three scattered hits, effectively suppress the Yankees batters; but the Yankees half of the group in the recovery after the game, Robinson Cano in the Council on 7 First Knock-out solo shot to break the scoring deadlock, 8 Bureau of full diamond wire more firepower.

8 Gardner on the Yankees play the first batters rate base by way of bashing on base hits, the Yankees offensive flutter also opened off, Derek Jeter to fix a "car fabric side" of the base hit, so fast legs to run breath Gardner back to the Yankees in the first 2 points.

Rangers to vote for at this time, only to mention the bullpen pitchers each barrel of gasoline onto fire, was Alex Rodriguez, Cano and Marcus Thames hit a series of hits, total the Yankees played 10 times this Board, relying on 5 hits, 2 walks, Kuanggong 5 points, but also the number of reversal than 6 to 5.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Presented both the game against war

Li Zhenchang performed well this season, especially in July has no responsibility for the entire month of overkill performance loss, even the disabled list in August, but the Indians hit the ball fall group has long been linked to the idea of him, and then really also appears in the 9 The list announced earlier this month, let Li Zhenchang to accept the stronger hitter ahead of the test.

Presented both the game against war, the end of the first 6 Rafters Council, 5 to 3 lead, Board 6 has a 3 on 3 Registration Board under section 7 of the show Li Zhenchang Board met in turbulence, the council gave up three hits and 1 appears to contain their own mistakes, add 2 points to rival the insurance points, Javelinas still Cannian end points after the chase.

The campaign hits 2 3 Li Zhenchang Board are responsible for loss of 2 points lost, but four died 2K still playing well without the ball skills.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This is also when the Warriors Hudson exit with 0 to 1 behind

8 Bureau of finish in 1 to 2 giant behind the Warriors, but "red panties" Huff (Aubrey Huff) in the 9th Council first to hit the equalizer, and the Warriors Conrad (Brooks Conrad) actually occurs at a critical time fielding error , so Percy (Buster Posey) to first base and sent back to advance sub-Sangqi Si (Freddy Sanchez), eventually the patron saint of Wilson (Brian Wilson) 9 under the reversal of close to 3 to 2 victory, the Giants season the upper hand after the match 2 to 1.

The campaign teams of the Giants starting pitcher left-hander Sangqi Si (Jonathan Sanchez), and Yong Shi Hasen (Tim Hudson) are doing well, Sang Qisi the first 5 games are also allowed no hits Warriors until the Council before 6 be capable of producing the first security. The Hudson is on the 2 Board was Fenti Knott (Mike Fontenot) scan triples, and then drop points because of his teammates fielding errors, but his 7 innings, only to be knocked four hits, only to send 4K lost 1 point.

This is also when the Warriors Hudson exit with 0 to 1 behind, but Sangqi Si under 8 Bureau was Gonzalez (Alex Gonzalez) strike hits, and catch the first one out after a few exits, but replacing the Romo ( Sergio Romo) played but was Brzezinski (Eric Hinske) hit the home run pinch lose points, so that Hassan instant cast some sort of relief from the defeat, while the cast was shot only 2 7.1 Security Council, the Sangqi Si is missed Biao 11K wins.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The article is full of negative atmosphere

"Taiwan" to guide the alliance Wang Teng-7 board, not only are most concerned about the national Explorer Ruizuo the focus, even the New Yorker also noted the trend of the former Yankee ace, the U.S. site "Bronx Baseball Daily" also special to specifically mentioned in this article, which also discussed the fate of Wang problem, the network sharply pointed out that if people also made bigger than a minor league contract terms to keep people, would be folly.

The article is full of negative atmosphere, starting with the ball that, Wang served 7 days straight ball about between 85 to 87 mile walk, and his heyday 92 to 95 miles for some gaps, "This is not a fan of the king good thing ", the future still long way to go. The first ball to the 87-mile registration plate, the outside world still think it will make gradual progress, not as "BBD" so pessimistic.

National willing to stay and Wang have previously expressed the idea, as is about major league or other conditions, is not currently made some progress. "BBD" that the light from the ball, if the National Little League also raised some more generous than the conditions would be an unwise thing, because even if the construction of health in 2011, Aberdeen, netball, still not good enough to be Major League hitters return address.