Sunday, August 29, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers (30) were playing the Colorado Rockies long bombing

Today, the Los Angeles Dodgers (30) were playing the Colorado Rockies long bombing, Carlos Gonzalez blasted Pom, Dexter Fowler was knocked two triples, 13 hits Rocky audience has eight long fight coming down 10 points, 10 to 5 win two straight.

Dodgers starting pitcher Ted Lilly start soon after the beating, two Board under, Todd Helton and Chris Iannetta to second base hit before the next city. 3 Bureau under, Gonzalez blasted solo shot.

4 Board under the Rocky 4 hits and more are coming down with a send 5 points, Jonathan Herrera and Fowler both hit three-base hit, Gonzalez is made up of a 2 points gun. Lilly also lost 7 4 Board minutes after casting their exit, while the Rockies were at 5 under Council has relied on Ryan Spilborghs's solo shot Adds 1 point.

Dodge is a breakthrough in the second half of the match Rocky starter Jason Hammel of the blockade, 5 inning with three hits and grabbed after 1 minute, 6 inning Matt Kemp and James Loney hit consecutive doubles Adds 1 point, also 5.1 The Council will cast a seven strikeouts in the Hammel fight fate.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Although the strange temper and was dissatisfied with Mentor system

Ochiai eccentric personality, but also reflected in his comments against Chen Weiyan, he can be praised Taiwanese pitcher "is moving into the ace pitcher of the Road", "shutout is a very big deal"; when Yin Chai situation is bad, reservations are not criticized, "the pitcher shall be in full competition as the first goal," "losing the responsibility of who? Leather, Leather (pitcher in Japanese) ah!" Ganaiganhen, Ochiai, and some of the players to relations tension, retired justice established early in the season back to wave and Nagoya Dome, the former coach only nod, no conversation.

Although the strange temper and was dissatisfied with Mentor system, Ochiai still on level one of the greatest hitters, 20 players have three into 11 career batting average, 510 home runs and 1564 RBI performance, 3 degrees Triple Crown Wang (batting average, home runs and RBI) on the history of the most functional, has elected two times the annual MVP, 1986 87 record set on the base rate of 4 percent, so far no one can break.

The campaign kick down the five Board did not score the two sides

Today, Red Sox (26) and the sailors playing varsity doubleheader, the first battle Red Sox 5 to 3 win, 2 to 4 second Zeyi swallow defeat; Breaking up in the first war the Battle of Sailor, Red Sox home Fans not only see the team win, but also to appreciate the masters of Terminator, right-hander sent Kashimoto (Jonathan Papelbon) pretty garrison! 9 Board under the sailors Lopez (Jose Lopez) hit a record level towards the pitcher's strong fly ball away, the result of the reaction Piper fast, direct the ball with his left hand set of brilliant play has won the home crowd applause.

The campaign kick down the five Board did not score the two sides, but the Red Sox hit 6 of Council under the line of waking up, Sugutaluo (Marco Scutaro) and Martinez (Victor Martinez) hit consecutive hits, followed by "Daddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) walked to form a full base.
After the Bell Cui (Adrian Beltre) knocked hits, lol (Mike Lowell) hit a sacrifice fly, Nava (Daniel Nava) and then hit the hits with two RBIs, Red Sox 6, has captured four points under the Council, 4 to 0 lead; sailor 7 Council on recovery of 3, Red Sox 8, relying on walks and hits the next Board Adds 1 point, wrapped up the win 5 to 3 victory.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Phillies To get Oswalt, in addition to players sent to the farm

Even so, the Philadelphia Phillies and the Astros have not yet reached a considerable degree of consensus, make Oswalt is still possible to stay in Houston.

According to the report, Oswalt has not yet decided to come to Philadelphia because he did not want may be effective for the Phillies, there is another option that is part of the unresolved.
No matter what those will have to change course before the deadline.

Phillies To get Oswalt, in addition to players sent to the farm, there may be packaged together with Jayson Werth, but heard that the Phillies are willing to send farm and players that left Werth, of course, the premise that astronauts have other attractive chips.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Colorado Rockies and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki signed a six-year 30 million U.S. dollars of contracts

Colorado Rockies and shortstop Troy Tulowitzki signed a six-year 30 million U.S. dollars of contracts, a contract sophomore in professional baseball can be rare.

Troy Tulowitzki last year was voted Rookie of the Year Award for the first 6, last year's rate of 2 percent against 91,24 homers, including home runs to refresh Hall of Famer Bank (Ernie Bank) in the 1954 Cubs The rookie shortstop record 19 records. In addition, the Troy Tulowitzki rate of 0.987 in the guerrilla zones of defense, the league all season total of 561 killed and 114 double plays to help performance, can be described as offensive and defensive superb.

Troy Tulowitzki sophomore year, but baseball can be more than two years of the contract, this phenomenon is very rare in the big leagues in the near future, only 2006 Indians team signed 6-year 23.45 million U.S. dollars outfielder Saizimoer (Grady Sizemore) Shaoke analogy, and in the Rockies, the Troy Tulowitzki is the fourth-year agreement signed complex core of young players.

The rest of the Rockies, including the National League most valuable player Harold Day (Matt Holliday) signed a 2 year 23 million U.S. dollars contract for lefty Francis (Jeff Francis) signed a four-year 13.25 million U.S. dollars, right-hander Cook (Aaron Cook) signed 4-year 34.5 million U.S. dollars, plus 2012 option.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mitchell presented the report of up to 409

Mitchell on the Reform Committee, said he was confident the authorities can solve the doping major league problems, that Congress did not need legislative intervention. Selig and the Fair also not want Congress to legislate only want to do further assessment, which Selig stressed that he will certainly use the banned players and team management appropriate punishment.

Mitchell presented the report of up to 409, named more than 80 players, including the seventh Cy Young Award winners, "Rocket Man" Clemens in the past 15 years, there have been a number of projects can improve the performance of the injection efficiency drugs. Mitchell and former Yankees trainer McNamee's allegations of physical support.

Monday, August 16, 2010

So far, 17 players wearing a Yankees cap into the Hall of Fame

86% of the vote yesterday, the high Hall of Fame induction Sacchi (Rich "Goose" Gossage), although his career to be over nine teams, today announced that the New York Yankees players will enter the Hall of Fame status.

High-Sacchi 22 seasons in the major leagues in 1972 from the Chicago White Sox fortune in 1978 to join as a free agent the Yankees, and two into the two Yankees. The first was in 1978-1983, played six years (total of 41 wins 28, lost 150 games aid success), the second in 1989, Henry won the race (a race of 11 games, winning a record one successful rescue, ERA 3.77), only spent 1 year went to the San Francisco Giants.

High Sacchi joined the Yankees in 1978 the first year that won the World Series, the Yankees created a career peak in 1980 and scored a career single-season most successful rescue of 33 games, 30 games in 1982, the successful rescue, 1983, hitting a career up to 13 single-season wins (22 games rescue success), but his 1984-87 period in the San Diego Padres, it was the proudest moment of his life, his assistant in 1984 won the National League Championship disabilities, and to a traditional-worst team into a terrible strong teams.

Former Major League, "Mr. October" Jackson (Reggie Jackson), his life only to be 4 years in the New York Yankees (1978-81), and finally also the identity of the Yankees Hall of Fame, nevertheless, today still can not avoid high-Sacchi to explain: "I am honored played nine teams, at every stage of every team I liked, especially in San Diego, we help the city get back on the baseball enthusiasm to my heart feel warm. "

High Sacchi added: "But I was born in Colorado, the family are diehard Yankees fan, then I joined the Yankees, is a very profound experience, the feeling of wearing the Yankees striped shirt is not available in other teams I did not think another team is not good, but the Yankees can play for me and the Yankees are good memories. "

So far, 17 players wearing a Yankees cap into the Hall of Fame, including Jackson, DiMaggio (Joe Dimaggio, create market hits record 56 straight), Jiali Ge (LouGehrig, 1925 5 from 2 to 4, 1939 30, 14, a race in 2,130 consecutive games, the "Iron Horse," said), home run king Babe Ruth (Babe Ruth), Ford (Whitey Ford), Mantle (Mickey Mantle) and others.

In addition, a total of 33 players played for the Yankees Hall of Fame, of which 25 players the same as high-Saki, professional baseball career with the Yankees to shine.

Friday, August 13, 2010

"Rocket Man" Clemens will be held on January 16, U.S. time at the U.S. Congress committee meeting

"Rocket Man" Clemens will be held on January 16, U.S. time at the U.S. Congress committee meeting, on the spot under oath he did not injected drugs.

Clemens vigorously defend himself, to prove innocence. Late last month, "Mitchell Report" upon a number of players suspected of using drugs, the former New York Yankees physical trainer McNamee (Brian McNamee) more fuel to the fire, told federal investigators that he had many times in 1998-2001 to help the old g injected drugs, but the old g in the "60 Minutes" program, saying strong words to refute Zhe Fan, repeatedly stressed that he only injected painkillers and B12 nutrients, and must not stained with steroids and human growth hormone doping.

Won seven Cy Young Awards, 353 wins over his career off Clemens has been asked on January 16 to transform the U.S. Congress to testify before members of the Committee, attended by staff from the Yankees suspected of using drugs Yankees pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) and Nabulaoke (Chuck Knoblauch), fitness trainer McNamee and the "medicine head" (Kirk Radomski), in particular admitted in the past provide at least 10 years to 51 players banned substances, harmful even more alarming.

Enormity, for the sake of prudence, a large Union, Xisailige (Bud Selig) and the players union president Phil (Don Fehr) will advance in the January 15 meeting of the committee to reform the legislature. Clemens to clear Congress is not since the first time the Alliance, the last time was March 17, 2005, to accept the players summoned to attend, including McGuire (Mark McGwire), Pa Meiluo (Rafael Palmeiro), Sosa (Sammy Sosa ), Schilling (Curt Schlling), Kansai Ke (Jose Canseco) and Thomas (Frank Thomas) and other players, and most of the players named are not can not enter the celebrity, that is, the scores began to decline.

Cumulative hit 583 career home runs McGuire, who in 2007 first player in the Hall of Fame qualifications enter the country, only 23.5% of the U.S. Writers Association vote, the threshold of 75% of the votes from the great differences in doping storm certainly hit him, but Clemens is now active in defending his innocence, he must argue in the halls of Congress, or brilliant life may be ruined.

Clemens to testify to Congress, McNamee and if they would make other words against him? Inevitably a concern, but Clemens has to tell the truth, otherwise it will assume charge of perjury. Experienced ups and downs of the old grams, did not think the most important in life is going to face a battle, or even only to win, not lose.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Allegations of doping by Supremacy of Major League Baseball New York Yankees

Allegations of doping by Supremacy of Major League Baseball New York Yankees, "Rocket Man" Clemens broke his silence today, denied that former U.S. Senator Mitchell steroid report the allegations, saying "any one player should not be to take this dangerous and destructive not only a shortcut. "

According to Mitchell report, Clemens trainer Mai Nami describe how, in 1998 when the Rockets were in the Blue Jays, he had helped him to steroid injection, and the other when Clemens on the Millennium and the Second Yankees Page effect for a year, I had to help him injections of growth hormone and steroids.

The allegations of the seven Cy Young Award winner, may enter the Baseball Hall of Fame, Clemens, no doubt wake-up call.

Clemens Alex Hendry today issued a statement through agent that he has to be clearly stated, "Major League players in their career, or even life, do not use steroids, growth hormone or other banned drugs."

He said that, unfortunately, over the past twenty-five years of his playing career, is still causing some worries about the outside world, but also know that Mitchell report does provide a number of serious question.

Clemens said, "will in due course, appropriate forum, open to answer questions outside, but also want people not to rush to a conclusion."

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lowe became a free agent, the original thought is more than four years long

Lowe became a free agent, the original thought is more than four years long, not even rule out the transfer team may, ultimately decided to stay in the Red Sox, Schilling, then the personal blog to congratulate his teammates: "Mike is willing to give up some long and the offensive team's silver bullet, choose to stay really cool, next year's Red Sox still choked 』『 enough! "
The Yankees open a three-year 45 million price tag of keeping talent conditions, on the 20th we got Terminator Rivera (Mariano Rivera) nodded, nearly 400 million 80 million average annual salary of NT, but also beyond the city to the patron saint of Wagner Rivera (Billy Wagner), crowned as the highest paid Major League Terminator.

Red Sox, Yankees keep people active with the Division American League Angels, White Sox lineup adjustment is started, the White Sox sent right-hander Garland (Jon Garland) the exchange of Gold Glove shortstop Angel Cabrera (Orlando Cabrera), to complete fight strength reinforcement of the first step.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Major League Baseball (MLB) 2007 American League Cy Young Award season announced today

Major League Baseball (MLB) 2007 American League Cy Young Award season announced today, the Cleveland Indians lefthander beat the Boston Red Sox right-hander Shabaxiya Becket, on behalf of the United States to win this Pitcher of the Year award together.

In the interview, the Alliance's vote in the U.S., Shabaxiya scored 28 first-place votes among the 19, Total 119 points; Becket received eight first place votes, Total 80 six. Another first-place votes received by the Los Angeles Angels Recchi.

Shabaxiya said: "I was surprised. Becket good record this year, better performance in the playoffs, so I did not know what expectations to go, but winning does make me very happy."
Aged 20-year-old Shabaxiya is the first time in 30 years this award off the Indians pitcher. In 1972, the effectiveness of Indians have access to the American League Cy Young Award winner Perry affirmed.

Shabaxiya seven wins on the season 19 negative, defense rate of 3.2 I, 30 fourth major league start for the second, pitched 241 Board for the Major League records. He walked a full season only three seventh, 209 strikeouts ranked fifth in the AP.

He said: "I am most proud of is to stay healthy. Over the past few years, I bid good, but this year a race I once every five days, in the field with my ball control game."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

4 Red Sox won four straight sets to second World Series Cup

From the transaction, "accessories" to become the World Series most valuable player, Derek Lowe (Mike Lowell), insisted that from the "ugly duckling" into a "swan"!

4 Red Sox won four straight sets to second World Series Cup, 33-year-old Puerto Rican third baseman Derek Lowe deserve credit, the series batting average up to four percent (15 6), 4 RBI has also run back to score a team-high six points, the fifth bar of Lowick do main duty to protect "Euler connection" meritorious, taken away at the World Series MVP.

Lowe in 1998, the Yankees rose to the big leagues the following year was for the Marlins, after the 2005 season, the Marlins were fighting force restructuring, the ace pitcher Becket (Josh Beckett) sent to the Red Sox, Incidentally, the year attached to combat the ailing Lowe, Derek Lowe was the same deal in accessories, not nobody expected.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two starting pitchers in June 15 grips too

Although Rocky severity of the plate is still bullish on the international gambling have experience, good at reversing the Red Sox, starting Becket playoff opener 3 game winning streak, 1.17 ERA, Boston fans have to eat assurance against the side, fixed four-bar Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) career total of 24 red and let in the playoffs, "Daddy" Ortiz (David Ortiz) may point circle against rate of 4 to 13, "Euler connection" is certainly not the power of opponents better.

Two starting pitchers in June 15 grips too, when Francis made the first of five 6K scoreless, winning 6 wins this season, contrary Becket of five lost 6 points, opening season game winning streak stopped at nine field, the two meet again after four months apart, who the winner Rocky stake, the future of the Red Sox in the World Series.