Monday, November 1, 2010

Through the brutality of life in San Francisco

Through the brutality of life in San Francisco, Texas Rangers return home to retrieve the AL West title after the final posture, single-field two home runs, with "Ronin" Louis (Colby Lewis) once again put on a good investment wonderful, won team history's first win in the World Series, will also level the situation in 1 to 2. Rangers get first win all feel invigorated from top to bottom, guns Hamilton (Josh Hamilton) even said, "momentum has been transferred off!"

Back to Arlington, the Rangers opened the scoring in the second game, the next 5 games is icing on the cake Hamilton, hit the solo shot, and laid the base game win, head coach after the game in Washington (Ron Washinigton) said happily, " We want to go home, (because) we all know the team will finally play a good game, and we did. "When the game ended, more than Washington, hearty laugh, watch the war in the former U.S. President George W. Bush (George W. Bush ) is also quite happy.

Rookie Molander (Mitch Moreland) third at 2 under Council Rangers Cenci home run to help get points, and Hamilton under 5 Board is the key to playing solo, so that was a scoreless giant, feeling 4 sub-gap as far away from the Earth to the Pluto-like. In the important moments, and finally play a home run proved the strength, confidence, Hamilton said, "We are still lagging behind in a game, but the situation has been turning!"