Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kawakami was the ace in the day

In the Warriors pitching staff, it appeared that the Constitution has no extension on the location of Sichuan, because the Warriors have a contract to the Japanese players into a minor league contract, the future will continue to attempt transaction.

Kawakami, out of 40 warriors to the list, and put him into a minor league contract around, down to 2A teams, but the Warriors are expected in the future there will be further action, as general manager Frank Wren has confirmed that spending time outside in the quarter Kawakami help find a new owner, whether transactions with the major league team or sell it back to the Japanese professional baseball, in short, the Warriors are not going with the former Chunichi Dragons ace continued cooperation.

However, transactions with the major league team probably will encounter a problem that no team willing to pay the remaining salary Kawakami. Kawakami, Warriors signed in 2009 and $ 23,000,000 3-year contract, the contract next year's annual salary last year of 667 million U.S. dollars, now it seems the team is not interested in eating this salary.

Kawakami was the ace in the day, even if the performance is not satisfactory living in America, there are still ogle him at the team level, but also will assume about half of the salary, but Wren is still a better opportunity to explore, so the burden of less Warriors .