Thursday, August 11, 2011

The World is Full of Pain and Terror - Bacon and the "Beef Surrounded by the People"

Screen, bloody cows were split in half, and hung behind the Pope in the devil's side, people immediately feel a sense of nervous about. Pope fuzzy face cut off generally seems to be a knife, it seems also to issue shrill, hysterical screams. Compared with the Pope, but added suspension showed a bit of beef but the beauty and vivid. Thus, such a strong surreal images to the audience into the abyss of terror, or even to make the audience forget the art of painting the basic properties of almost complete reproduction of a nightmarish scene, or the audience into a nightmare. Thus, a fear of rising from the bottom of my heart. In front of screaming popes, and the gloomy environment, people immediately felt a despair. This is the surreal side home Bacon's masterpiece, "is beef surrounded by people." In this work, the fear and distorted image of a decorative screen theme and focus. Innocent X. Bacon's use of the historical characters, and the Commission described the Pope's Las sinister your support, loneliness, anger clear thread that wild, bloody piece of beef with the formation of a relationship.
As an artist, Bacon always pay attention to develop their own artistic characteristics, he obtained in a variety of visual images in the reference and inspiration. Especially during World War II, Bacon destroyed all his early works, these works because he satisfied his commitment to the greatest efforts to develop their new art. Especially in 1944, he created the triptych "based on the body of Jesus on the Cross study," marks his personal style began to mature. To this end he had such a text description: "This is an irritable temper, and when I drink spilled in the middle of the night when the draw works, because I was throwing a lot to drink and become drunk. This is the only one I drunk spilled out of state but also the works of art and I think that I might get drunk throwing free and detached. "characters Bacon's works are often filled with a sense of terror and horror, there is always the audience's fear of war .