Monday, August 29, 2011

Manet Edouard’s Biograpy:

Manet (Manet Edouard 1832-1883), famous French Impressionist painter. January 23, 1832 was born in Paris, a wealthy family. Manet painting since childhood like his father, the Ministry of Justice officials, men of noble, well-childhood education. Father wanted his dedication to public service, but he was obsessed with painting. 16 years old, he told parents that their ambition to become a painter, and his father let him apply for the Naval Academy, not to be admitted. Later, he sailed as a trainee in a sailor in a large number of portraits painted sketches and cartoons. After returning home, his parents agreed to a firm ambition finally forced him to learn painting. In 1850, he entered Seoul classical painter's studio learning library back but do not blindly follow the teacher's methods. He appointed Las expensive branch, Hals, Goya and Raphael and other masters of the works of the previous generation learned more nutrition. In 1856, Manet set up their own studio. Manet painting in Europe has an important contribution to the development, although he never participated in a joint exhibition impressionist painter, impressionist school of painting is still considered the founder, has long been regarded as the later impressionists masters.