Friday, August 13, 2010

"Rocket Man" Clemens will be held on January 16, U.S. time at the U.S. Congress committee meeting

"Rocket Man" Clemens will be held on January 16, U.S. time at the U.S. Congress committee meeting, on the spot under oath he did not injected drugs.

Clemens vigorously defend himself, to prove innocence. Late last month, "Mitchell Report" upon a number of players suspected of using drugs, the former New York Yankees physical trainer McNamee (Brian McNamee) more fuel to the fire, told federal investigators that he had many times in 1998-2001 to help the old g injected drugs, but the old g in the "60 Minutes" program, saying strong words to refute Zhe Fan, repeatedly stressed that he only injected painkillers and B12 nutrients, and must not stained with steroids and human growth hormone doping.

Won seven Cy Young Awards, 353 wins over his career off Clemens has been asked on January 16 to transform the U.S. Congress to testify before members of the Committee, attended by staff from the Yankees suspected of using drugs Yankees pitcher Pettitte (Andy Pettitte) and Nabulaoke (Chuck Knoblauch), fitness trainer McNamee and the "medicine head" (Kirk Radomski), in particular admitted in the past provide at least 10 years to 51 players banned substances, harmful even more alarming.

Enormity, for the sake of prudence, a large Union, Xisailige (Bud Selig) and the players union president Phil (Don Fehr) will advance in the January 15 meeting of the committee to reform the legislature. Clemens to clear Congress is not since the first time the Alliance, the last time was March 17, 2005, to accept the players summoned to attend, including McGuire (Mark McGwire), Pa Meiluo (Rafael Palmeiro), Sosa (Sammy Sosa ), Schilling (Curt Schlling), Kansai Ke (Jose Canseco) and Thomas (Frank Thomas) and other players, and most of the players named are not can not enter the celebrity, that is, the scores began to decline.

Cumulative hit 583 career home runs McGuire, who in 2007 first player in the Hall of Fame qualifications enter the country, only 23.5% of the U.S. Writers Association vote, the threshold of 75% of the votes from the great differences in doping storm certainly hit him, but Clemens is now active in defending his innocence, he must argue in the halls of Congress, or brilliant life may be ruined.

Clemens to testify to Congress, McNamee and if they would make other words against him? Inevitably a concern, but Clemens has to tell the truth, otherwise it will assume charge of perjury. Experienced ups and downs of the old grams, did not think the most important in life is going to face a battle, or even only to win, not lose.