Monday, August 16, 2010

So far, 17 players wearing a Yankees cap into the Hall of Fame

86% of the vote yesterday, the high Hall of Fame induction Sacchi (Rich "Goose" Gossage), although his career to be over nine teams, today announced that the New York Yankees players will enter the Hall of Fame status.

High-Sacchi 22 seasons in the major leagues in 1972 from the Chicago White Sox fortune in 1978 to join as a free agent the Yankees, and two into the two Yankees. The first was in 1978-1983, played six years (total of 41 wins 28, lost 150 games aid success), the second in 1989, Henry won the race (a race of 11 games, winning a record one successful rescue, ERA 3.77), only spent 1 year went to the San Francisco Giants.

High Sacchi joined the Yankees in 1978 the first year that won the World Series, the Yankees created a career peak in 1980 and scored a career single-season most successful rescue of 33 games, 30 games in 1982, the successful rescue, 1983, hitting a career up to 13 single-season wins (22 games rescue success), but his 1984-87 period in the San Diego Padres, it was the proudest moment of his life, his assistant in 1984 won the National League Championship disabilities, and to a traditional-worst team into a terrible strong teams.

Former Major League, "Mr. October" Jackson (Reggie Jackson), his life only to be 4 years in the New York Yankees (1978-81), and finally also the identity of the Yankees Hall of Fame, nevertheless, today still can not avoid high-Sacchi to explain: "I am honored played nine teams, at every stage of every team I liked, especially in San Diego, we help the city get back on the baseball enthusiasm to my heart feel warm. "

High Sacchi added: "But I was born in Colorado, the family are diehard Yankees fan, then I joined the Yankees, is a very profound experience, the feeling of wearing the Yankees striped shirt is not available in other teams I did not think another team is not good, but the Yankees can play for me and the Yankees are good memories. "

So far, 17 players wearing a Yankees cap into the Hall of Fame, including Jackson, DiMaggio (Joe Dimaggio, create market hits record 56 straight), Jiali Ge (LouGehrig, 1925 5 from 2 to 4, 1939 30, 14, a race in 2,130 consecutive games, the "Iron Horse," said), home run king Babe Ruth (Babe Ruth), Ford (Whitey Ford), Mantle (Mickey Mantle) and others.

In addition, a total of 33 players played for the Yankees Hall of Fame, of which 25 players the same as high-Saki, professional baseball career with the Yankees to shine.