Sunday, August 29, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers (30) were playing the Colorado Rockies long bombing

Today, the Los Angeles Dodgers (30) were playing the Colorado Rockies long bombing, Carlos Gonzalez blasted Pom, Dexter Fowler was knocked two triples, 13 hits Rocky audience has eight long fight coming down 10 points, 10 to 5 win two straight.

Dodgers starting pitcher Ted Lilly start soon after the beating, two Board under, Todd Helton and Chris Iannetta to second base hit before the next city. 3 Bureau under, Gonzalez blasted solo shot.

4 Board under the Rocky 4 hits and more are coming down with a send 5 points, Jonathan Herrera and Fowler both hit three-base hit, Gonzalez is made up of a 2 points gun. Lilly also lost 7 4 Board minutes after casting their exit, while the Rockies were at 5 under Council has relied on Ryan Spilborghs's solo shot Adds 1 point.

Dodge is a breakthrough in the second half of the match Rocky starter Jason Hammel of the blockade, 5 inning with three hits and grabbed after 1 minute, 6 inning Matt Kemp and James Loney hit consecutive doubles Adds 1 point, also 5.1 The Council will cast a seven strikeouts in the Hammel fight fate.