Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Essence of Landscape Painting Decorative Aesthetic Meditation

In recent years, decorative painting more and more people welcome, as the darling of landscape painting decorative painting, but also by widespread attention and praise. Bo Baby Jane is now in the mall we see these landscape paintings, decorated not only meet our needs, to add a bit bright in our lives, but also left us with a beautiful meditation art space.
These two pieces of "throbbing" and "the story of the old pond," landscape paintings from the tide in the ginger, Deng Ke two painter's hands. Landscape painting as a boutique, two color screen and elegant, dignified composition, unique artistic language, it has a strong artistic charm. Of course, these two landscape paintings in the visual enjoyment for us, but also lead us to the life of meditation. This "throbbing" As title, like withered leaves, or back off, or unwilling to head sinking into the water, but there are some new green grow from the side, in this life against the background of a mutual interest, convey a life throbbing. The "old pond Story" as Lotus Pond in general, tells a legend of ancient and vague and remote. Autumn season, long brown leaves still standing in the water, just like old age and the elderly, reveals the tenacity of life. Wilt is its color, there is its character. The two paintings, by Bo Po expert evaluation of the performance of Chinese fine arts form a major breakthrough.
Oil painting artists, ceramic hybrid Jade making money online landscape painting as a decorative quality, whether it is the mood clouded natural scenery, or form realistic scene depicted, always give us a special kind of intimacy and emotion. This is landscape painting popular in recent years, the main reason.