Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crude salt thin

Now many girls in order to thin at all costs, including spending a lot of money and time, but some of the effects of downsizing, but he is not for the long-crude salt has been circulated for the weight-loss techniques, in fact, need not be a waste of money to lose weight, mainly requires that you are willing to take a moment to meet each day immutability carefully.

Crude salt beauty has always been the star, said crude salt can be used to eliminate unwanted body fat, then coarse salt diet side in the end there is no such capacity to play a role in downsizing it, current Xiao Bian, and identification of crude salt, have a slimming method, in the end it does not serve the effect of weight loss? We want to bring this issue to give detailed description of the weight-loss knowledge, the early realization of weight-loss dreams.
Slimming Principle: the perfect body is "pickled" come from?

According to the role of crude salt are sweating can expel excess moisture, and promote skin metabolism, rid the body of waste, coupled with coarse salt to soften the dirt, salt and mineral supplement the body, so coarse salt will not only help to lose weight, but also skin can also become detailed matte, tightness in the beautiful, so have become more popular, and the crude salt-related products is also increasing.

The principle of crude salt diet is actually very simple, two words can be summed up: "bacon." Yi Bayan Sprinkle the meat, you will find that the moisture inside the meat will continue to seep to.
Thin crude salt use: each part of how you thin!

Weight-loss methods crude salt double chin double chin on the thin sister who are quite annoying, even if you are not a small Feimei, have the opportunity to haunt you, but also seriously affect a considerable degree of Liang-like, so when one appears, it is necessary eliminate as soon as possible.

Tips: with the back of a hand massage Sensitive

A lot of people's hands have skin sensitive issues, namely housewives hand, in the event a higher concentration of the material would be great difficulty breeds and capsules redness, so if you are really part of it a type, it is best just to push back of the hand wiping massage, contacts directly with the palm of your hand to avoid salt.

A hands wet in water, and then stick on the coarse salt, use the palm wiping his chin to push around 20 under the chin so that produce heat.
2 turn left hand to continue to push the wipe 20 under the chin.
3 tear out the appropriate length of stay wrapped his chin, so that heat will continue.
4 reuse cloth towels or fixed with plastic wrap, and so after 10 minutes with the plastic wrap removed, washed using warm water to salt.

Weight-loss methods crude salt facial edema facial edema are the most likely to have a situation where long-term sleep well, before going to bed drink too much water, inadequate nutrition would give rise to edema, weight-loss drug even if the food may not be effective, most efficient way to extract directly to the Department of excess moisture.

Tips: before the first Test Tu

As the facial skin compared these young, in order to avoid skin sensitivity, you can first try a small amount of salt applied to the position of the jaw bone test for 15 minutes.

A first water to wet hands and face, and then coated with salt in order to beat the means. And pre-prepared five hot towels and five frozen towels.

2 fresh piece of paper to stay with a small hole for breathing, and then wrap their entire face.
3 hot towels first deposited in the surface of 1 minute, and then chilled towel 1 minute, frozen heat continuously rotated, and then remove the plastic wrap, and then warm water wash away the particles of salt.