Monday, January 25, 2010

Chrome 4.0 officially released 42% performance increase

Following the January 21 pairs of Chrome 4.0 Beta for the last upgrade, Google officially released today, Chrome 4.0 stable version, and also named its version number Google Chrome project manager Anthony Laforge in the official blog, said this version is currently only for Windows platforms, including the following new features and security fixes since the 3.0 since:

- Expansion;
- Bookmark synchronization;
- Enhanced developer tools;
- HTML5: to inform, Web database, local storage, WebSockets, support for Ruby;
- To improve the v8 engine performance;
- Improve the Skia performance;
- Support remote fonts perfect score after the adoption of Acid3 benchmark tests;
- Support for HTTP byte order;
- New security features: Support for "Strict Transport Security"
- Experimental anti-XSS attacks on the new features: XSS Auditor;
- Fixed 11 security flaws, including four high-risk level.

Chrome 4.0 One of the most significant improvement is to enhance the browser extensions, using a new extension system. Another Chrome Product Director Nick Baum, said the use of Chrome 4.0 stable release, PC platforms Chrome users can access through the new extension system, more than 1,500 new features. Users can go to Chrome extensions library search extensions, installation only takes a few seconds of time, is also easy to uninstall.

Google added that, in addition to the many added features, Chrome 4.0 has also achieved a great performance to improve. Use of Mozilla's Dromaeo DOM Core Test Tool results show, Chrome 4.0 than Chrome 3.0 improves the overall performance of 42%, close to Chrome 1.0 to 5 times.