Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google needs to withdraw from the Chinese market would suffer heavy losses

According to foreign media reports, released today by Forbes website article, said that if the withdrawal of Google in China, it will suffer heavy losses. And the fact that, Google needs the Chinese market.

Following is the full text of Forbes:

Earlier this week, Google said the delayed release two Android phones in China. Last week, Google said it was due in December in China's large-scale network attacks, Google intends to terminate its business in China.

Google is really ready to withdraw from China? If the withdrawal, Google will suffer heavy losses. We know, Google is negotiating, which indicates that Google is very important to China.
To understand the importance of China's Google, the best way is to review the history of the United States, the Internet. The twentieth century, 90 years since the Internet into mainstream American life, the Internet has made tremendous development in emerging markets acceptance of new technologies on the Internet even faster.

For example, the China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC) released the latest report shows that in 2009 the number of Internet users in China reached 384 million, an increase of 28%. This makes China become the world's Internet users than any other country. Google must be considered is that China's Internet users will continue to be sustained and rapid development momentum, because the total number of China's National 1.3 billion.

Google really needs China. In the near future, China will occupy on the Internet is extremely important position in the field, but Google can not ignore China's one billion potential users. Currently, Google's market share in China of about 33%, behind China's domestic search engine Baidu.

Taking into account the subscriber base in China, Baidu entirely possible that Google developed to such a scale, or even bigger than Google. China's computer users have helped Google maintain its global search engine market leading position and ensure that Google continues to invest in innovation, and thus help the U.S. maintain the field of science and technology and business leadership.

More importantly, with the international development of the Internet, Google on the Internet management issues arising from the differences with the Chinese government is also a distraction. In the past, the center of Internet activity in the United States, but as more and more populous emerging markets, the Internet can bring up gradually to shift the market revenue.

By several national governments through an international organization and management the Internet is very difficult, even impossible. Therefore, the current focus should be on the pursuit of corporate profits, rather than participate in political activities.

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