Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From the September start of the regular season

MLB National League Championship Third War, today moved to Colorado at home, as the home team the Los Angeles, in the sixth inning RBI under the third home run relying Tuoruiouba tie break the deadlock, and closing Luo Rocky on to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks four to one, their victory in seven games with three zero's to listen in card advantage, as long as a Basic Conception Los Angeles, you can bravely World Series.

From the September start of the regular season, Los Angeles maintained momentum and record high, up to this year, Los Angeles 20 just lost a game, including six straight postseason this year.

In the Union's history, in the twenty-nine of the seven games in their victory, achieved zero lost three team wins, with 28 teams could then get through, the only one exception, occurred in 2004 , when the Red Sox won three nil defeat at the time, beat the New York Yankees four straight.