Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Major League Baseball MLB National League playoffs

Major League Baseball MLB National League playoffs, the list published today, the recent record hot Colorado Rockies, in the regular season plus race and the struggle to extend the San Diego Padres game 13 Board, relying on the last Rocky Carlo Hill's sacrifice fly for a record to nine Despite wins over more than eight priests, breathtaking grabbed playoff spot.

Rocky in the 13th, there remain two points behind, but He Lide a base hit to help the team more than the number of equalizer, and later by teammate Carroll's sacrifice fly back to home plate, scored winning points. Last game of the priest brutally reversed losing pitcher Hoffman, once again condemned the team to undertake abortion vote, wasted the chance to hand over people to the playoffs.

He Lide from third base back to home plate collision with Padres catcher Barrett, once fall to the ground. Television replay showed that He Lide did not touch home plate, but the judges still sentence He Lide score.

Rockies pitcher Ortiz then scored the win.