Monday, July 5, 2010

Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants series War 2 games

Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants series War 2 games, Dodgers 5 Board relied on in the consecutive four hits and revenue 3, cracking the two teams tied 1 to 1 deadlock and to maintain the lead, so Beirui Er (Pat Burrell) even sweep out the Yang Chunmian 9 Board also unable to fight back, the Dodgers win 4 to 2 write 2 in a row, while the giant is Kutun 4 game losing streak.

Two starting pitchers the Giants Kahn (Matt Cain) and the Road Qiyi Lai (John Ely) in section 1 are the loss of a sub-bureau. Kahn In Ithiel (Andre Ethier) walked out after the vote, was Manny Ramirez (Manny Ramirez) and Maloney (James Loney) even knocking two hits to drop points. And Eli is the first to be Torres (Andres Torres) swept the doubles after Sanchez (Freddy Sanchez) to cast a bad walked four, so Hough (Aubrey Huff) with a sacrifice fly to recover more than the number of 1 to 1 tie sides.

Dodge "rookie" pitchers Eli points out in an inning after the Giants had scored again did not let the opportunity. He first sent 7 game today, with 112 balls, was hit five hits, 5 strikeouts performance (3 times walked on balls), points out a win pitcher, a successful start from the 6 with numerous individuals, 3 game losing streak dilemma in the attention it deserves, pitcher ERA dropped to 3.62.