Tuesday, July 13, 2010

National today (10) and the Western armies launched three giant Lien Chan

National today (10) and the Western armies launched three giant Lien Chan, the "History of Genius," Strasbourg (Stephen Strasburg) to lead the charge, the first play I have suffered does not matter, he played the next block each other's lines, with heavy artillery Dunn ( Adam Dunn) to pay out a single field of the third quarter, hit two home runs made over the final 8 to 1 to defeat the giant, won the National War 3 nearly 4 wins, there are signs of recovery.

History of the implementation of Article 7 degrees start the season, attracting 34,723 fans to watch is double the previous war, and he has not stop hot plate pitcher, he was first beaten with clubs by Torres (Andres Torres) open runs, Then each ball is played strong, but fortunately all safely out. Half of the National Council to respond immediately, relying on the giant Ken starting pitcher (Matt Cain) contain a large number of errors than tied, but Dunn hit in the spring under 4 home runs, to help people advance, since no further backward.

National Council scored 2 points after 6, 7, under the offensive again, first to two hits and scored 1 minute later, Dunn fired again, hit the center field direction 2 minutes rounds, this is the season he made 22 home runs, ranking second in total. Guzman (Chris Guzman) be sent, but also to beat Ken exit, Harris (Willie Harris) and then hit a base hit back runners, the general trend was settled.