Monday, September 27, 2010

Throwing out the first two balls touch the body of Simon

First sent 7 game pitched 3 Sisi Qiu 7 strikeouts, gave up four hits and only lost 1 point, scored 13 wins this season Marcum said he was the first one the ball did not touch the body views, but the first 2 is clearly intentional. He also said: "I believe next year we will remember this.", But although Marcum said he "definitely" would consider reprisals, but he did not want to be suspended.

Marcum said: "I guess this is they (the Orioles) in the style here, I think we respect the game and players from other teams. We do not intentionally hit people, even if he hit 50 home runs a few. This is a part of baseball, I know you have the ball close to vote, but to find someone up bullpen, threw two balls toward him and then was ejected, it looks very deliberate. "

Throwing out the first two balls touch the body of Simon, with Bautista as from the Dominican Republic, after the game he said: "I did not mean to. I just want to cast an inside pitch, the result to hit him, but not intentionally . He is my friend, I have no reason to drop him. "

Suffer the Bautista hit, said: "For me, it is clear what they do, they do not care a pitcher was ejected."

End of the season after the retirement of the Blue Jays head coach Cito Gaston also believes that, Showalter Board put in 5 innings relief pitcher short the practice is questionable, this is Simon before this season for the first time in 7 game play. Gaston said: "I left the day in the big leagues a few days, but I will not forget it."