Sunday, September 19, 2010

National Alliance have the most prestige

National Alliance have the most prestige, the most prudent, "Sabathia" Shabaxiya (CC Sabathia) starting sits, the Baltimore Orioles to just a plaything in the hands of the evil empire, the audience was not only the Yankees swept the 13 security, irrigation 11 points, the team is also not efficient for use on 9 hits and only 3 points, we end up with 3 to 11 defeat, the challenges for the first 3 degrees of 20 wins a season Sabathia finally get to cross the border.

2 season with 19 wins in the sand fat, end the season No. 3 degrees and 20 wins knocking at the gate when the dream come true. Jorge Posada (Jorge Posada) from the Board in the first Orioles start Gerui Er (Jeremy Guthrie) knocked the hands of timely hits, revenue 2 points, 2 Board further Kitt (Derek Jeter) hit sacrifice fly 1 minute, made for the Yankees in the opening race on the initiative.

Although the Orioles in the next 2 Board 2 consecutive hits with a counter, Andino (Robert Andino) in the first 3 innings before also doubles for the Orioles with the capture may point circle, but even the two Councils have been the only sacrifice fly 1 point of attack. But when the Orioles in the Andino hit the solo shot in after 5 Board is numb, despite repeated attacks hit but always high, 9 hits and a waste of the audience the opportunity, can only be received by 3 scores.