Thursday, September 2, 2010

Posada in the second inning the first fire

Yankee Stadium, the high temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, for repentance is seldom the sand is a little fat is no problem, "I enjoy pitching in this hot weather, and preserve their own status, and preserve his arm." Shabaxiya challenge of 20 wins, the next a will have to run into the Orioles at home this year, Orioles 4 wins 0 run into defeat.

Posada in the second inning the first fire, but Gelandesen at 6, 72 bureaux and smacked a home runs, 3 RBI personal rinse, both coincidentally have blasted in the game 17 season H, activist in the 4 Lien, except for home runs yesterday not to be bombers, the other three games have been belted three home runs.