Thursday, September 9, 2010

Metropolitan Council's first breakthrough in 3 block opponents

Although Dickey and effective national campaign to suppress, but it is not without encountering a crisis, of which 6 Board, one person out after being captured bases loaded, Dickey is the biggest challenge, but the 35-year-old is not so shaken, it is calm and under the grasp Two outs, so that people would like to advance the aspirations of the score completely broken.

Survived, Things to Come, escape the bases loaded after the crisis Dickey Council on 7 until the fire support team-mate, pinch of Evans in the one out at second base was the circumstances, timely and win their right fielder, "car cloth edge" roller to second base hits to break the tie 2 to 2, the situation for another city to get ahead, and led the way to the whistle.

Metropolitan Council's first breakthrough in 3 block opponents, relying on Luis Hernandez and Carlos Beltran's base hit sacrifice fly to lay an all points, then won 2 to 0 lead, but the people not to be outdone, in the Board under 5 by the Wilson Ramos 2 points gun retaliate center field, so competition has returned to the starting point, but Zhezhi home run or the first rookie catcher Ramos H career.

National starting pitcher Livan Hernandez challenges of the season 10 wins fail, although they pay a 6 1 / 3, lost 3 quality performance, but his teammates did not give enough points to support, so the veteran can only work next time.