Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Presented both the game against war

Li Zhenchang performed well this season, especially in July has no responsibility for the entire month of overkill performance loss, even the disabled list in August, but the Indians hit the ball fall group has long been linked to the idea of him, and then really also appears in the 9 The list announced earlier this month, let Li Zhenchang to accept the stronger hitter ahead of the test.

Presented both the game against war, the end of the first 6 Rafters Council, 5 to 3 lead, Board 6 has a 3 on 3 Registration Board under section 7 of the show Li Zhenchang Board met in turbulence, the council gave up three hits and 1 appears to contain their own mistakes, add 2 points to rival the insurance points, Javelinas still Cannian end points after the chase.

The campaign hits 2 3 Li Zhenchang Board are responsible for loss of 2 points lost, but four died 2K still playing well without the ball skills.