Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fat compared to the instability of the sand

Fat compared to the instability of the sand, the first Rangers pitcher CJ Wilson gave up the first 6 Board only three scattered hits, effectively suppress the Yankees batters; but the Yankees half of the group in the recovery after the game, Robinson Cano in the Council on 7 First Knock-out solo shot to break the scoring deadlock, 8 Bureau of full diamond wire more firepower.

8 Gardner on the Yankees play the first batters rate base by way of bashing on base hits, the Yankees offensive flutter also opened off, Derek Jeter to fix a "car fabric side" of the base hit, so fast legs to run breath Gardner back to the Yankees in the first 2 points.

Rangers to vote for at this time, only to mention the bullpen pitchers each barrel of gasoline onto fire, was Alex Rodriguez, Cano and Marcus Thames hit a series of hits, total the Yankees played 10 times this Board, relying on 5 hits, 2 walks, Kuanggong 5 points, but also the number of reversal than 6 to 5.