Friday, October 8, 2010

The article is full of negative atmosphere

"Taiwan" to guide the alliance Wang Teng-7 board, not only are most concerned about the national Explorer Ruizuo the focus, even the New Yorker also noted the trend of the former Yankee ace, the U.S. site "Bronx Baseball Daily" also special to specifically mentioned in this article, which also discussed the fate of Wang problem, the network sharply pointed out that if people also made bigger than a minor league contract terms to keep people, would be folly.

The article is full of negative atmosphere, starting with the ball that, Wang served 7 days straight ball about between 85 to 87 mile walk, and his heyday 92 to 95 miles for some gaps, "This is not a fan of the king good thing ", the future still long way to go. The first ball to the 87-mile registration plate, the outside world still think it will make gradual progress, not as "BBD" so pessimistic.

National willing to stay and Wang have previously expressed the idea, as is about major league or other conditions, is not currently made some progress. "BBD" that the light from the ball, if the National Little League also raised some more generous than the conditions would be an unwise thing, because even if the construction of health in 2011, Aberdeen, netball, still not good enough to be Major League hitters return address.