Monday, October 11, 2010

This is also when the Warriors Hudson exit with 0 to 1 behind

8 Bureau of finish in 1 to 2 giant behind the Warriors, but "red panties" Huff (Aubrey Huff) in the 9th Council first to hit the equalizer, and the Warriors Conrad (Brooks Conrad) actually occurs at a critical time fielding error , so Percy (Buster Posey) to first base and sent back to advance sub-Sangqi Si (Freddy Sanchez), eventually the patron saint of Wilson (Brian Wilson) 9 under the reversal of close to 3 to 2 victory, the Giants season the upper hand after the match 2 to 1.

The campaign teams of the Giants starting pitcher left-hander Sangqi Si (Jonathan Sanchez), and Yong Shi Hasen (Tim Hudson) are doing well, Sang Qisi the first 5 games are also allowed no hits Warriors until the Council before 6 be capable of producing the first security. The Hudson is on the 2 Board was Fenti Knott (Mike Fontenot) scan triples, and then drop points because of his teammates fielding errors, but his 7 innings, only to be knocked four hits, only to send 4K lost 1 point.

This is also when the Warriors Hudson exit with 0 to 1 behind, but Sangqi Si under 8 Bureau was Gonzalez (Alex Gonzalez) strike hits, and catch the first one out after a few exits, but replacing the Romo ( Sergio Romo) played but was Brzezinski (Eric Hinske) hit the home run pinch lose points, so that Hassan instant cast some sort of relief from the defeat, while the cast was shot only 2 7.1 Security Council, the Sangqi Si is missed Biao 11K wins.