Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adrian Bell ‧ Choi, Stephen,. Drew on the same day to achieve full combat

Monday night, play against Rangers in the game, eighth inning, Adrian Bell ‧ Choi went into combat areas. He did not know, just again have a three-base hit, he'll be a sailor history to hit a total of four against the player. However, even though he knew he would only laugh. Bell Choi has 84 this season at first base hits, 28 doubles, 24 homers, no triples. However, he hit third base this season, first pick a best time. Zhe Zhi hit him deep right field to complete a rare full combat - first base hits, doubles, triples and home runs in a game at the same time.

"I do not know," the Rangers after winning sailor 12:6, "I hit the ball, base running, Josh Hamilton, I do not know whether the ball. When I saw the ball fly very well, I know I have the opportunity to climb up to third base, I did. "