Monday, April 5, 2010

The three-time Pro Bowl star played in two seasons at Brown

Brown Team President Mike issued a statement saying that the Rogers team has been arrested in the incident. Statement said: "We will continue to collect additional information, but until the legal proceedings, we reserve any further comment."

In addition to legal issues, Rogers, the Brown team the best player, if found in violation of code of conduct for NFL players may face penalties facing the Union.

The three-time Pro Bowl star played in two seasons at Brown, last season Nov. 29 against the Cincinnati Bengals in the game broken leg and missed the team the last five games. In 2008, the Brown team with the angle of health benefits - Borden and a third-round draft pick from the Detroit Lions team he was traded to the team. Rogers came with a stain on the reputation of Brown's team. He used illegal drugs since 2006, was suspended four games for weight control. In 2007, Rogers said a stripper in a club in Detroit, violated her, but his subsequent investigation of the allegations. Lions also Rogers and his commitment to the weight of a statement.