Friday, April 23, 2010

Yankees vs Red Sox story

If you are a Red Sox fan, Yankee 2004 postseason play against the seven series Halo 10:3 victory you must remember. It was a great moment, but because the sites in the celebration of the enemy. replica mlb jerseys

There is also a time to remember the two fans. That was in July 1, 2004, 12 Board, two teams battle breathtaking, the Red Sox have hope he scores. Two out, two third base was, Nixon hit the ball to third base Trotter direction, struggling to pick up the ball sprint. Jeter only of one thing - to catch it. He miraculously made it. However, the speed and direction to the ground his head fell heavily to the ground. He stood up, his chin all the blood, swelling up, his face flushed, bruised shoulder. But his play has also saved the Yankee. Yankees eventually won the 13th Board, 5:4.