Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Overall only eight hits and the Yankees

Overall only eight hits and the Yankees, Robinson Cano hit a few individuals to monopolize half, fortunately, took advantage of opponents to vote for the occasion of 7 Board, Johnny Damon would start to hit the base, followed by Mark Teixeira, Cano then fill the second base hits, sequence back to tied points, ahead of points, then even better the next 8 to play back the first 5 minutes, secure way to victory in your pocket.

While the combat is mediocre, though the Yankees fielding many exciting team stopped to help a lot of hits, as another key victory, Sabathhia then stabilized after the end of the 5 Board, 10 consecutive batters to resolve in the face cast Nick Johnson After the audience walked only exit, returned from injury to the Brain Bruney solution 8 on the last batter, Mariano Rivera 9 Board finishing also banked save.

Bullpen combat capability in the bottom of the national League of Nations, and today live up to Shairon Martis of quality starts, six Board lost 2 points (1 responsible for loss) and pitcher, taking over for Ron Villone was messed up, not long ago threw away the first quarter one point, he has recently become the most unstable Fandao relief pitcher, including today, have Liantun four games, including defeat; Hernandez hit a single field of 2 long, 3 RBI is the only one dazzling play Star Line.