Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coach Teray completely missed this thing

"Jean still need to receive some education," Merle said, "I talked to him many times. In the field to concentrate on the game, this is very important."

After the conflict, this fan was replaced in left field seats.

"What the fans say does not matter - you use the reply in his career, and the best way to answer does not answer, so most of the time," Merle said, "what they think the fans have the power to appropriate, do they that the right thing, they do not affect other fans, do not overstep their authority, without prejudice to race spectator. " mlb jersey

Coach Teray completely missed this thing. "I was in the bathroom, so I did not see," he said, "the coach had to use the toilet, and I chose a wrong time. I would probably be known only after Half Board, we simply said that this matter not make any comment. "