Thursday, May 20, 2010

4 Bureau of 1:2 in the second half when the Yankees trailed

4 Bureau of 1:2 in the second half when the Yankees trailed, Jason Giambi walked to win their doubles back on the base of Hideki Matsui, chase into a 2:2 tie, 1 out of Hou Jiang third base than to be sent, then Cannone (Robinson Cano) timely hit an RBI base hits in a Yankees a 3-2 lead, so that exit in Qiju winning pitcher Pettitte to become a candidate.

Formula One victory, one of eight Jushang Ban replaced Chamberlain Square Cosworth (Kyle Farnsworth) pitch, but the ball does not seem ideal, 2 cast walked on balls, even pitching coach Elander (Dave Eiland) up to appease , or two outs, pinch the Dell was a record high Lu Qi catch the ball, right field home run sent directly to the wall, MLB jerseys it is Chamberlain first loss at Yankee Stadium regular season points, 37 of his career Bureau of pitching in, was knocked out of No. 2 home runs, not only to overthrow the Pettitte's Yankee, let Chamberlain (1 wins and 2 losses) season 2 swallow defeat.

5 inning start playing six hits and five walks in cast, lost 3 points Indians starting pitcher Kameng Na nothing escaped the victory, the second pitcher Perez (Rafael Perez, 1 win and 1 loss ) 2 Bureau of scoreless relief the win.