Friday, May 7, 2010

Quentin, White Sox Freud to help maintain the number one

Since May 16 to obtain the location of the first American League Central, the Chicago White Sox have not thought of giving up on this glorious position. Carlos. Quentin offensive demonstrated the absolute strength. Ranked second in the 8:3 win game against the Minnesota Twins Alex. Luomanruizi third home run in the seventh to retaliate them. White Sox ended their brief three-game losing streak in four lines the first time beat the Twins League. Carlos. Quentin with 28 homers and topped the American League anterior face of the pitcher 10 wins 8 losses Alex. Luomanruizi, after two outs in the fourth game he hit a powerful left field three mlb jerseys RBI base hit. Luomanruizi of three runs from a pitcher Bufubangse. This is his ninth homer, this home run made him the RBI has accumulated to 39. 11 wins 6 negative Gavin. Sigmund Freud was a pitcher. The face of negative 59 wins 48 Minnesota Twins, he pitched 7 2 / 3 Council, gave up three hits first base, and the one with the score doubles.