Thursday, May 13, 2010

In the last two-run homer, a shot excellent in Angola

Marlins two parting in the formation of a tug of war battle, so after 8 Council, both 4:4 tie. 9, the Marlins two out, bases loaded, turn the game 3 0 2 baseman excellent Athenagoras (Dan Uggla, see figure) against a total 151 km of the fast straight ball and was playing excellent Athenagoras into a goodbye hits, an end, the Marlins 5-4 win over the Giants.

In the last two-run homer, a shot excellent in Angola, the day World War II Game 2, the first 3 seats no performance hit, the key 9, the play Goodbye hits, fight back a little for the Marlins face the landlord , excellent Athenagoras currently 16 home runs, ranking tied for the League of Nations first. 3 baseman Cantu (Jorge Cantu) Following the home run after a shot, in which a Board has played a stage beyond the first spring home run, the Giants starting pitcher Ken (Matt Cain) for his have suffered a sharp curve ball, after the game that really powerful Cantu, Cantu in the game a total of 2 hits, 3 RBI.

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