Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maybe not the same outcome

Mai Xu in no hurry. Nothing he can not overcome. "If I start feeling bad," Mai Xu said, "Maybe not the same outcome. However, I really feel good, so that the two points and did not affect me. My life has undergone many times you ignore the first two points, then all the way bolted. "This is what happened Monday. That he is not in the best condition, he walked 5 d bad. In the Chinese-style 96-degree temperatures, excessive pitch count useless. Fortunately, he threw the ball too often confuse the bad Red Sox batter. Managers say it is dragging Leixierman effective rough. Mai Xu eventually won nine strikeouts. "Maybe not more than five walks," he said, "Red Sox people good fight, I have been against them, and good teams and I spent the storm at high temperatures." After the sixth inning, he Let the Red Sox hit only four hits in last 11 starts, 7 wins and 1 fat negative. "I rely on my fastball and curve ball," Main Xu said, "when your ball faster time, they win."