Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tigers veteran starting pitcher Rogers (Kenny Rogers),

Tigers veteran starting pitcher Rogers (Kenny Rogers), a race season this year, 7 games 37.1 innings pitched, 44 hits, which was hit 3 home runs, walked 19, struck out 19, 4 bad, record 2 wins 3 Abortion, ERA 6.27.

Combating drugs, heavy artillery cheap MLB jerseys Yankees A-Rod and strong play catcher Posata (Jorge Posoda) although still disabled list, but center fielder Damon (Jonny Damon) stick very hot recently, batting 2 into 80, hit a 5 homers 16 RBI, back to home plate by 26 points, captain shortstop Jeter (Derek Jeter) Although not yet hit home runs, but still maintain nearly thirty percent batting average (.298), right fielder A Bray worry (Bobby Abreu) rate of 2 percent against 99, hit four home runs 21 RBI, designated hitter Hideki Matsui batting average 3 percent 45,4 homers in 17 RBIs, has hit 17 consecutive field hits , center fielder Cabrera (Melky Cabrera) against rate of 2 percent 72,6 homers 17 RBI.