Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cloud computing will drive growth in the outbreak of hacker Industry

Whether Google was accused China of two schools to use Google hacking attacks against whether it is true, the attacker has been a well-known websites hackers to test his skills and courage of the key actors. However, hackers do not necessarily lead to a site each time a standstill, they represent a significant factor in this show of their own.

With the proposal of cloud computing, more and more user data started to be more rules, more detailed, more remain in the operator's server storage space, the commercial value of these data is not just the user contact address of such a small value of They may be used as trade secrets, the value of 10 million!

Thanks to the Internet open and secure technology, the characteristics of immature target of the attack is not a very difficult thing. Therefore, hackers, natural emergence of unprecedented opportunities for black. They can access the various cloud computing servers, and completely not to be found. User data has become a black market product users and operators may be completely unknown.

This is not sensational, nearly five years, the occurrence of similar events have been played as many as tens of thousands, but also the potential site of internal embezzlement based hackers.
To solve network security has become a block in the development of cloud computing on the road to a huge barrier. But, this does not affect users that do not involve private data in the development of cloud computing applications, for example, blog system, virtual hosting, online translation, navigation maps, and other publicly available data services.

Global software and the Internet are looking for solutions. Now it seems that cloud computing and traditional methods of calculation will be a long-term co-exist.

The hacker who has become a career can gradually surfaced. In the legal and technical constraints can not be completely time hacking through the Internet to obtain or tamper with the behavior of target data will have a great market, which will take place not only among enterprises, but inter-State or individual users.

Data security has never been so vulnerable and the performance of attention. Cloud storage operators will become the center of the battlefield.