Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twitter or blog advertising platform to lead to speculation that

Twitter head of product management and revenue Anamitra Banerji told reporters: "Twitter is developing an advertising platform, and now only in the testing phase." Banerjee refused to disclose the official release of this platform the exact date. Twitter did not immediately available for comment.

Twitter has caused the network to the much-anticipated advertising platform of discussion, a number of well-known blog on Twitter have advertising in the Tuesday forecast.

Well-known aggregation sites reference CEO Seth Goldstein as saying, Twitter plans to be released within a month of this advertising platform. However, Goldstein, also known in another message in Twitter when he does not know, or whether it will publish advertising platform.

After Goldstein also on a personal blog and Twitter staff Banerjee apology: "I am very sorry to let everyone think that I know some things, in fact, I do not know. We are free to talk only Twitter business development direction for the future of advertising said the speculation, which is interpreted as a real 'news', I am very sorry. "

Twitter COO Dick Costolo said in November last year, Twitter is developing new advertising products: "Twitter has advertising business development strategy. You can see in the near future. The platform will break through the traditional, very novel, will certainly provide that everyone like it. "

Well-known U.S. technology blog GigaOM by Mathew Ingram, said he heard that Twitter may be a number of media companies join forces next month, jointly published by the advertising platform.

Twitter business growing rapidly. Twitter Monday said its site is currently handling a daily volume of tweet the message has reached 50 million, or an average of 600 per second tweet. Twitter, vice president for communications business Sean Garrett has released 20005 1000 tweet messages.