Thursday, February 18, 2010

Facebook traffic than Yahoo

Market research firm Compete, statistics show that in January this year, Facebook's independent IP traffic at 134 million, while Yahoo's was 132 million, Facebook has surpassed Yahoo to become the U.S. second-largest site, behind in the first of Google. Once upon a time, Yahoo was the Internet, banner, that is, in February 2008 its traffic was exceeded after Google, and now it lost its second seat. The Facebook's win, and also shows great strength of the social networking site, and development prospects. People's use of the Internet has grown from a simple tool developed to the necessities of life.

However, in this statistics, Yahoo's visit to the delicious and flickr are not included in the statistics (which are not unified in the Yahoo Web site under the domain name), and Facebook all the services under the domain name in Facebook. But Facebook has a higher degree of user participation, user access to the Internet an average of 11% of the time spent on Facebook, while Yahoo and Google this data is only 4%.