Monday, February 8, 2010

Microsoft denied that Windows 7 is normal for a defective battery Baocuo

February 9, according to foreign media reports, for some users to complain about Windows 7 laptop battery life to shorten the time of the issue, Microsoft said recently that this is not Windows 7 system error.

Recently, some users have, from the Windows Vista upgrade to Windows 7, the battery life from 2 hours into a half an hour, which Microsoft claimed the new system will extend battery life quite the contrary.

Moreover, sometimes despite the battery business as usual, the system will determine the error that the battery has been exhausted, and recommends that users immediately be replaced.

Some users said that he did you are prompted to replace the old batteries, but the new battery or continue to receive the same warning.

In response, Microsoft said Monday, after a survey found that, Windows 7 itself is not a problem. The reason that prompts for replacement batteries, because the performance of this piece of the battery failed to meet specific targets.

Microsoft also said that the features are new features in Windows 7, the old version of the system users have never seen such prompt. Thus, there may be some surprise.