Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Staying at home and business to the world

At present, E-commerce is an irresistible tendency to rapid development, has been developed as an important means to enhance competitiveness, but also the development of modern service industry in China is becoming a hot topic. With the continuous deepening of e-business applications, a simple information-release products as the core e-commerce services have been unable to meet the business needs for enterprises to provide a deeper level of integration and coordination services in various sectors of the authority, security, integrity the whole process of third-party e-business models are becoming the future of B2B e-commerce services to the mainstream. More and more enterprises, especially SMEs, e-commerce began to taste the sweetness. Only Alibaba 1, 2009 Guangzhou Domestic paying members increased to 23000 on the more than 2008 an increase of nearly 44%; in 2009, Guangzhou's foreign trade almost 5,000 paying members, compared with 2008 growth of about 35%.

Killed off the Internet business is seeking sales

Founded in Guangzhou Hua Wei is just the beginning of a more than 10 individuals of small international freight forwarding company, the post-2008 due to financial crisis, the impact of export atrophy, performance began to decline, faced with a number of peer-low-price competition difficult. Under the crisis in early August that year attempt to join Alibaba "trust pass" and did not want only a week after the start with the feedback, every day several inquiry. "This road walk pass," the company vice president of Long climb mentioned in the company's hand-building site, beginning the third week received the first order. "In the freight forwarding industry, cold winter, many colleagues are facing layoffs or even close, our company's business is expanding, only the network can produce such a miracle!" Dragon Pan said China will further expand the network Wei's business, Alibaba platform synchronized at the domestic and international trade, with a view to obtain more benefits.

Similarly, because the business is closed and to e-commerce platform for victims to seek outlets were operating in South America's Guangzhou Fu Long valuable timber import and export trading company fort. In 2007, because of good news to attract importers to import large quantities of green sandalwood logs, resulting in the Green Tan oversupply, thus the price drop. Seeing entered in 2008, the downtrend is still a continuation of supply and poor circulation caused by pressure on rich-long surge in company funds fort. In this case, the company for help and join the fish, wood beads online mall. Fish, wood beads Network Services team to help them plan a series of online promotional activities, achieve better results, then the company's Argentine Fu Long Castle Green sandalwood craft is not only empty timber inventory, but also sold a good price.

Staying at home and then expand the sales channel

Relying on e-commerce platform, businesses will be easy to operate domestic and foreign sales of tentacles to every corner of staying at home and our business would have done the whole world.
The first quarter of 2008, Wood Co., Ltd. Zhuhai, Guangdong fish from the fish, wood beads on-line mall received from Europe, South America and other countries of the timber merchants inquiry information, online discussion several times, won more than 200 million orders. In addition, many European and American, the African Group and the Association of the timber, such as Austria TeakHolz International Corporation, India's Kirin Co., Ltd. and so on, also through the fish net and wood beads wood to reach the market and trade cooperation between businesses.

"In the past more than the promotion of enterprises in the PRD, now the Shandong, Anhui and other provinces and cities with our customers also find a consulting business," America's color Chemical Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Liao Yan admitted to join after the HC network e-commerce platform They expanded sales channels, but without time-consuming effort to make the customer thousands of miles across the network aware of the product information and take the initiative to call us. The sight of the opportunities of e-commerce, they applied for a short time after another two accounts to do business.

Members of e-commerce platform into the Senior Marketing

In addition, e-commerce network platform for its timely, efficient and widespread dissemination of information to help product promotion, improved enterprise visibility, and accelerate the pace of product sales, virtually became a senior business marketing staff.

Wood Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, Hong Wei Ao Sen Dalbergia is a typical case of a successful match. When the fish bead timber trading center the admissibility of the company's sales of 50 tons of Weiao Dalbergia commissioned, the fish net on the one hand the use of wood beads in the industry's influence to actively mahogany furniture manufacturers recommend the same time, bring together online propaganda offensive also been fully the use of brand column "hot spots together" to planning special coverage and expand the performance of the promotion Weiao Dalbergia wood and wood beads in the fish net QQ group members released sales information for purchasing customers. After more than a week of frequent rally and the match, Guangzhou, Hong Sen Wood Co., Ltd. successfully sold 50 tons of Weiao Dalbergia. Wood beads followed by fish network trading center customer service personnel under the auspices of the Guangzhou-Hong Sen Wood also successfully sold out 70 tons Weiao Dalbergia.

SME transactions more efficient at

Practice has proved that an increasing number of e-commerce applications enable SMEs to obtain the actual benefit. Third-party e-commerce platform, according to a representative of Alibaba's statistics show that in 2008 Alibaba B2B platform, small and medium enterprises, 25.04 percent of the enterprises in the Alibaba B2B platform for every 1 yuan invested the money, you can bring an average of 234 yuan turnover returns.

Fish Beads Wood network of mall customers pay a return visit, 30% of the enterprises analyze new market conditions of the site, fast and accurate price information, as well as bring together global leaders expressed satisfaction that will help the company's business expansion and decision-making. Of these, 16 companies indicated that since the establishment of online mall, the Advisory phones has increased, with the improvement in business and increased confidence. According to statistics, fish, wood beads online business has commissioned for lodging up to 137 single-delegate total amount of up to 2 million yuan. Recently, there are two transactions totaling more than 200 million ultra-success of the business transactions.

In order to encourage more SMEs to use e-commerce, the Guangzhou last year introduced the "e-business applications to support small and medium enterprises in Guangzhou City, capital management Interim Procedures" will arrange 30 million yuan within three years set up an SME e-business applications to support funding, through government purchase of service mode testing the waters of e-commerce for SMEs to reduce the threshold. Small and medium enterprises in Guangzhou City, the first selection to the Government to determine the third-party e-commerce service providers to purchase services, provided that they meet in Guangzhou industrial and commercial business license obtained in accordance with law and pay taxes, the signing of not less than one year service agreement, no application criteria for subsidies enjoyed may apply for subsidies. Application time to May 31, 2010 deadline. It is learned that three-year plan to support 3000 foreign trade enterprises and enterprise applications, e-commerce 30000 domestic trade.