Monday, February 1, 2010

Samsung will mass production of 30 nm DDR3 DRAM memory chips

The world's largest memory chip maker Samsung Electronics said on Monday, 30 nm DDR3 DRAM memory chips have been suitable for consumers to use, ready to be applied to products.
Samsung said, 2GB DDR3 memory chips, power consumption than using 50-nanometer manufacturing technology manufacturer of memory chips to reduce power consumption by 30% the cost of production efficiency more than doubled. Samsung used in notebook computers, desktop computers and servers, 2GB DDR3 memory chips to use only 1.5 V or 1.35 V power supply.

Business online memory chip market, according to the DRAMeXchange Technology, said, as DDR3 memory chips to reduce power consumption and provide the speed, DDR3 memory may be in the quarter, replacing its previous DDR2 memory products. PC makers are actively promoting in notebook computers and servers use memory chips.

Using 30-nanometer manufacturing technology will enable Samsung to compete ahead of DRAM memory manufacturers. Samsung Electronics said its 30 nm DDR3 chips will be mass-produced in the second half of this year, and plans before the end of 2010, this new technology to most of the memory chip production.

Intel and Micron joint venture, IM Flash Technologies is a leading company in the Samsung, one of the few. The company is using 25-nanometer technology to produce flash memory chips. The company does not produce DRAM memory chips.

Samsung said that in the production of DDR3 memory chip, 30-nanometer technology than the older 40-nanometer technology, the production efficiency by 60%. Chip manufacturers generally will not provide immediate cost savings to the consumer, because they first need to introduce the technology needed to recover the large-scale investment.