Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mobile Communication maximum penalty of life imprisonment yellow Information

February 3, the supreme law, Zuigao Jian jointly issued "on the handle to use the Internet, mobile communication terminals, voice sets production, reproduction, publishing, selling, disseminating obscene electronic information such as the specific application of the law in criminal cases, the interpretation of a number of issues (b)."

"Explanation (b)" provisions in order to profit for the purpose of the use of the Internet, mobile communications terminal containing the spread of dissatisfaction with 14 years of age minors, obscene electronic information, will be to produce, reproduce, publish, sell, disseminate pornographic material for profit be convicted and punished, the maximum Pan Wuqi. Among them, more than 10 distribution of pornographic video files can be convicted.

In addition, the "Explanation (b)" the first time Shehuang telecom operators and advertisers are also included in the scope of the conviction and punishment. For five or more pornographic web sites providing such services; or for pornographic web sites or provide services to collect service charges from the amount in the Second million yuan; or the level of fees for pornographic web sites on behalf of five million yuan for telecom operators, will be convicted, In serious cases, sentence of at least three years, the circumstances are especially serious and even sentenced to life imprisonment.