Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chrome 5 replace the loss of advantages Opera 10.5

Referred to the browser speed test Google Chrome has been leading quite a long time, but with the advent of Opera 10.50 new, Chrome has given out the number one position, although the Opera 10.50 is still in the testing phase, but in recent third party browser speed test can obviously see its advantages, enabled Carakan engine Opera, in terms of speed has become a leader in all major browsers.

Test environment in the latest Microsoft operating system windows7 on the current mainstream of several multiple versions of the browser has been tested, including IE8, Firefox 3.6, Safari 4, Chrome 5.0, Chrome 4.0, Opera 10.1, Opera 10.5 ... in the The following chart is very evident in the 10.1 version of the Opera Speed and Chrome still far too many, but in the 10.50 version of its speed suddenly surged, in fact, Opera browser has always been technology-heavy, though not particularly outstanding prior to any one of aspects of performance, but the overall performance is not weak, so the browser market, competition in the face several strong competitors when worldwide there are still a lot of User Selected Opera browser. But one thing Xiaobian still convinced, as the technology-heavy Opera browser, its developer is still very strong, this time Opera 10.50, turned out is a good proof of this.

CSS benchmark test conducted by Opera 10.50 beta1 version of the impulse has taken the lead in the top speed is still the slowest IE8 browser. See here, is not very much looking forward to the official version of the Opera 10.50? Starting from March 1, Microsoft themselves to create a European version of the browser options screen will begin to users, and every PC user can choose according to their own favorite web browser, an application of the five main browser, IE, Firefox , Chrome, Opera and Safari, who will be the face of such an opportunity to seize the initiative? Opera made at this time whether the force is prepared for this moment it? Let us wait and see!